Spring Garden, Supenaam residents frustrated over water quality


…says water ‘useless’

Residents living in the villages of Spring Garden and Supenaam in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) are complaining bitterly about the poor quality of water they are receiving from Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).
water1According to residents, over the past few months, they have been receiving “rusty” coloured water at a very low pressure. However, they are still made to pay a bill for water supplied.
Despite several reports made to regional GWI officials, residents say the problem still exists. The water cannot be used for washing or cooking, causing residents to describe it as “useless.”
Several residents also explained that in an entire day, they sometimes do not receive water at all through their taps and when it does flow, it usually takes hours for one bucket to full. “The water supply to us is very bad, it’s so red you cannot use it for anything, we pay our bill monthly, we should be provided with proper water, this is really unfair and we are making reports regularly,” one resident lamented. Residents are now solely dependent on rain water for domestic purposes when in the past, GWI’s water was used for domestic purposes.


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