Another NCN employee fired with immediate effect

Faizal Jaffarally

By Fareeza Haniff

Faizal Jaffarally
Faizal Jaffarally

[] – Coordinator of Operations at the National Communications Network (NCN) in Berbice, Faizal Jaffarally has been fired with immediate effect on Friday, June 19 by the management.

In a letter signed by the Human Resources Manager, Jafarally, who was a Parliamentarian under the PPP/C in the 10th Parliament, was informed that his performance was reviewed and “in the new dispensation” there is no longer a “space” for him at NCN.

Jafarally, who has been working with NCN since 2003, told iNews during a telephone interview that his dismissal is politically motivated, given the fact that he has done nothing to warrant the action by management.

He told iNews that he was summoned to the NCN headquarters in Georgetown earlier in the week, where he was evaluated by Marketing Manager, Raymond Azeez.

“Mr Raymond Azeez told me that he has the right to please the present administration and he has to protect his job,” Jafarally told iNews. He said that NCN’s Chief Executive Officer, Molly Hassan, Press Liaison Officer for the Ministry of Presidency, Mark Archer and others visited NCN Berbice today, where they officially informed him of the decision.

“I said to Mr Archer, look I know this is politically motivated,” Jafarally said. It should also be noted that Jafarally was a candidate on the PPP/C list in the May 11 elections.

His dismissal comes less than 24 hours after two Senior Editors from the NCN Georgetown Office, Edward Layne and Adele Rampersaud were fired for submitting bogus receipts for a hotel stay in Bartica.



  1. This man was corrupt to the bone. He should have been fired under the PPP but they did not fired him, so the price was paid in the last election.

  2. Mr.Granger made a clear statement, if you resigned to be on the ppp list, stay resigned,but some people seem not to understand that.They can understand what he did not say,even though he was not sworn in as yet.Go and grab vacant house lots.Can’t tek some of these fools

  3. What is his qualification?
    Is his position credible in the establishment?
    I dont know of his circumstances but these guys had serious referent power.
    They were the Gods inBerbice. I hope that the APNU AFC does not do the samething. The 6000 who vote for the change has that option in 5 years.
    So we need no poetic justice. What i can say that the man dismissal cant be by word of mouth. I suppose that he has the paper to prove it. Is it a termination of contract ?


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