GGDMA criticizes Gov’t for attitude towards mining industry

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[] – The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) says it is not satisfied with the attention given to the mining industry, which remains the leading contributor to foreign earnings in the country.

A statement from the GGDMA on Friday, June 19, noted that the attitude of the new APNU+AFC government seems to be adopted from the previous PPP government, where promises were made to the miners but were never fulfilled.

The GGDMA made it clear that the mining industry remains in a crisis.

See the full statement below:

The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) is dissatisfied with the attention given to the Gold and Diamond Mining Industry by the Government. This industry remains the leading contributor of foreign earnings; a major source of employment; the largest purchaser of machinery, spares, and supplies; and plays an important role in the development of the hinterland and Guyana’s Economy. This attitude seems to be held over from the previous administration, where several promises made to miners remain unfulfilled. To date and after two (2) scheduled meetings (June 4 and June 10) were cancelled; consequently a letter was sent to HE President Granger indicating the need for such a meeting with the subject Minister and representatives of the GGDMA.

The fact is that the mining industry remains in crisis.

Some of the issues the GGDMA would like to see addressed by this Administration are:

(1) The completion of the draft Investment Development Agreement (IDA) to include additional items of spares, etc. (2)Incentives to the mining industry such as 50% reduction in rentals for small mining properties; reduction in royalty (3)Maintenance of hinterland roads and airstrips and the establishment of new roads for greater access to new mining lands (4) Increased attention to public security within the hinterland noting the high incidences of crime (5) Stricter monitoring by the GGMC especially in the areas of safety and illegal mining activities.

Some of the on-going challenges facing the Gold and Diamond Mining Sectors:

  • Falling gold prices
  • Improvement in gold recovery technology
  • High operation and maintenance costs
  • Fuel costs remaining high
  • High rentals for mineral properties
  • Increasing prices for spares and machinery
  • Limited available lands for serious and genuine miners
  • Disparities in concessions between foreign-based and local miners
  • Increasing violent crime in mining sector
  • Slow processing of work permits for Brazilian miners
  • Largely impassable hinterland roads


  1. Guys be for real!!! The new administration is new very new the seats they occupy is not even warm yet. What do you expect? Do you want them to rub a lamp and make your issues disappear like yesterday. Please cool your heels and exercise some patience. You waited 23 years that cannot be fixed in less than a month.

  2. I mean… They already been in there a month now.. They Suppose to fix the 23 years of PPP screw ups already, shouldn’t they?…. You people Irk me.. EVERYBODY and they Grandmother want their interest fixed right now because the coalition full up of GODS who click their fingers and get shit done before even settling in properly nah?.. but on a serious nots… Its been a month wan month… leh we gih them the least, 2 months before we start shit shying at them.. is the least we can do.

  3. Rome was not built in a day. How old is this new government. It is 1 day less than 5 weeks since the president was sworn in. Please give them some time. Why didn’t you complain to the previous administration that was there for 22+ years?

  4. The GGMC is dissatisfied with the attitude of the five-week old coalition regime?
    Let the GGMC haul its backside! This is the same GGMC that almost gave the corrupt PPP GY$3b for housing during the election campaign, but was blocked by a court order. The commissioners and the chairman should be sent packing.


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