Another arrested for deadly pirate attack in Suriname

The suspect after his arrest on Sunday morning (De Ware Tijd Photo)

As investigations continue into the deadly pirate attacks in Suriname, the law enforcement officers there have arrested another suspect in the Commewijne area earlier this morning. He was subsequently handed over to the police.

The suspect after his arrest on Sunday morning (De Ware Tijd Photo)

The suspect has since confessed to his involvement in the attack claiming that he was on a mission and that his act was based on orders he received.

His arrest was possible with the assistance of some fishermen who had known him to be part of a piracy gang.

However, several other persons were arrested and are being interrogated in connection with the attacks on the Guyanese Fishermen.

To date, several men are still missing while the bodies of three were recovered. Two Saturdays ago, four boats were attacked by a group of men who brutalized the occupants then threw them overboard.

Two days later, another boat was attacked and the captain was reportedly killed. The crew is still missing.

Guyana’s Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan along with a team of senior police ranks is in Suriname to meet with their counterparts with the aim of addressing the recent spate of attacks in Surinamese water.




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