US doctor pleads guilty to causing woman’s death during abortion


A doctor who practiced out of New York and who is said to have done some 40,000 abortions has now pleaded guilty to causing the death of a woman who bled to death after one such abortion.

Dr. Robert Rho

Fifty three year old, Dr Robert Rho admitted to causing the death of 30 year old Jaime Lee Morales back in 2016.

According to reports, following the abortion Rho admitted to leaving her bleeding uncontrollably with a severed uterine aorta, ripped cervix and pierced uterine wall.

She was then released in her sister’s care to be driven home in the Bronx, despite signs she was in grave condition and had collapsed in a bathroom of Rho’s clinic.

Rho’s attorney reached a plea deal with prosecutors Friday after jurors said they were deadlocked. It spares the physician from facing up to 15 years in prison on the original charge of second-degree manslaughter, equivalent to reckless homicide.

Criminal Prosecutor in the matter, Assistant District Attorney Brad Leventhal said that Dr Rho’s mistakes went beyond civil malpractice.

He told Jurors “It’s about greed and arrogance” that caused the death of the Morales. The lesser charge comes with prison time of up to four years.

But Rho’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, says he may end up with only months in prison when he is sentenced on June 26.


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