Another APNU+AFC MP says electronic device is missing; police investigating


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) says it is investigating an alleged larceny committed on APNU+AFC Member of Parliament (MP) Haimraj Rajkumar.

The MP reported that his electronic tablet valued $60,000 is missing.

He said the device went missing between 10:00hrs on February 26 and 08:00hrs on February 27.

The MP said on February 26, he placed the device in his computer bag whilst he was at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, where the budget debates are currently ongoing.

Then at around 08:00hrs the following day, while he was at home at Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown, he made checks for the tablet and discovered it was missing.

An investigation has since been launched.

Only a few days ago, another APNU+AFC Member Cathy Hughes reported that her laptop was missing. She alleged that on February 24, she left her computer in her bag at her desk at the ACCC and went to lunch. Upon her return, she reported that the device was missing.

Police were called in and made checks. The computer was, however, discovered in her seat.