Anna Regina security guard chopped, robbed by knife-wielding bandit  


A security guard was on Friday night chopped and robbed of his cell phone by a masked bandit who attacked him while he was at work.

The incident occurred sometime around 19:45h at Shawn Mini Mart located at lot 12 Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast, where the 38-year-old victim, Dhaneshwar Budhoo, is stationed.

Police reports revealed that Budhoo was on duty at the mini-mart when a masked man approached him from the southern direction on a red motorcycle. The man came off the bike with a knife in his hand and attacked Budhoo while demanding his phone. During the process, the victim was chopped on his right hand and was relieved of his cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy valued some $30,000.

However, the security guard and the bandit had a scuffle during which a bag owned by the suspect fell to the ground along with the knife, helmet and a cellphone.

After the scuffle, the suspect jumped on his motorcycle and made good his escape with the victim’s cellphone, leaving behind his other belongings. Additionally, a piece of the number plate from the motorcycle broke off and fell to the ground before he left.

The matter was reported and the scene was processed by the Police, who took possession of the items found at the scene, namely: cellphone, knife, bag, helmet and the piece of number plate.

Meanwhile, the victim was escorted to Suddie Public Hospital, where he was treated for his wound and sent away.

Investigation in progress.