Angry vendors protest outside President’s office – claim M&CC cheating them


What had been decades of hard work seemed to have been reduced to nothingness for vendors of the Merriman Mall, Bourda, Georgetown, who were on Wednesday morning stunned by the sudden move by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) to have them remove from their place of business.

That move sparked much criticism and the angry mob took their cries to the gates of the Ministry of the Presidency.

The vendors gathered outside the President’s Shiv Chanderpaul Drive office and their irate rants became a sound warning to President David Granger, that if he did not step in to remedy the situation, then there might be trouble.

Close to 30 vendors, many of whom have been selling for close to 35 years at the Merriman Mall, complained that the M&CC was cheating them for no apparent reason.

The vendors said they turned up Wednesday morning, unaware that the Council had made the decision to move them.

The M&CC on Monday said that it was placing a temporary suspension on vending on the Mall between Orange Walk and Cummings Street, Bourda.

It said it observed that the area was untidy and not in keeping with the vision to keep the city clean.

But the Council has been at odds with these vendors for quite some time now. Back in October last year, members of the Council pounced upon them, destroying their stalls and items without any proper explanation or prior notice.

Later that same month, Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase Green had warned that if vendors did not comply with an order to become uniformed, they would lose out on the opportunity to continue.



  1. Can u see what is happening every time u open the newspaper. You see an Indian person killed by (a particular) race. Come on Indians, wake up! We have to put Indians to run the country so this killing can be stop

  2. You people are so stupid…
    The M&CC met with the Vendor’s Committee (yes! There is such a thing!) where they were informed that the vendors needed to meet certain specifications that is, stalls have to be one size, height and colour- all in the effort to spruce up the area for the (our!) 50th Anniversary Celebration.
    Now while it is a sad situation, I support the M&CC’s move.
    However, the vendors will be reinstated as soon as the M&CC finish cleaning up the vendors shit (which the vendors are suppose to clean after their daily operations).
    People before you jump to conclusions and make yourselves bigger idiots than you already obviously are, get you facts!

  3. We have a old and out of touch person running the city council. It’s about time we have some young fresh minds to effectively deal with these types of challenges.

  4. Angry vendors protest outside President’s office – claim M&CC cheating them
    This is just a PR stunt to deflect from the GDF involvement trying to nail Brazzy daughter. Question:Why is Jukfuh Juk Grengehehe taking this one to the press and not Nagamook boss Harmon?
    Those that are protesting there are lifelong PNC and Green supporters. So don’t take this poppycock show too seriously since nothing will come of this.
    One great thing about our best Hammie M&CC- they collect tax payers money, they grab lots of money from the PPP when it ruled but don’t have man power to clean up the stink that PNC supporters make but our honorable Mayor Green have too much manpower to come bruck up your property if you trying to do a bit of renovations/repairs to your home. If you see how fast the M&CC Green bruck up crew does arrive like lightening to bruck up your stuff once you don’t bribe those at our Green M&CC.

  5. How many of you vendors voted for a change? Now you are getting a change what is the deal?
    More changes are yet to come.

  6. The vast majority of vendors at the Merriman Mall are from a particular section of the population that has been on the receiving end of the wrath of the APNU/AFC administration.The AFC can do nothing to alleviate the situation. They have been effectively muzzled by APNU. The two EUNUCHS who have positions in the cabinet will not because they cannot do anything to help these vendors. Let them protest as much as they want because no one will listen. The vengeful fossilized mayor is rubbing his hands in glee watching and smiling as these poor souls suffer.

  7. As much as we welcome the long overdue clean-up exercise the Mayor and City Council has been doing on the Mall, we would like the Market to remain there since it is much more convenient to shop our greens and fruits there. For one it is much safer and cleaner than Bourda Green, also when the rain falls we do not have to worry about flooding. So for once, please listen to what the citizens want! Also, the vendors would like to earn a living!

  8. There are people in the local and National Government who think they can do anything they want now since APNU is in power. These people have no idea of how to be rational in handling or assessing a situation. In a situation like this, they should create a temporary alternative site if they had work to do at the said site. We are not a big economy nor a develop nation. Some people have been there for years earning a living. There are ways to move a venue for people. You create temporary site or a permanent developed site, then you give them a notice with a time frame.

  9. This is what dictators do–TYRANNY–its the beginning of what to come–People” Militias….-food providers punished by the regime–next they will tell you what you can eat, where to get your food “KSI”, size of your house, what you must drive, etc..PNCites are at it again.

  10. If what the Merriman Mall vendors are saying is true,I believe,the M&CC is on the wrong side of the coin,but I shall await the M&CC`s side of the story and the truth.


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