KILLED: Patrick Mohabir

 A father of six was killed shortly before midnight last night in what appeared to be a hit after two men entered his Belvedere Corentyne home in Berbice.


KILLED: Patrick Mohabir
KILLED: Patrick Mohabir

Dead is Patrick Mohabir, 42, of Lot 9 Belvedere Housing Scheme, Corentyne.  He was reportedly shot to his left leg and chopped to his shoulder.

Police, in a report, said the incident occurred about 23:30hrs on Wednesday night  when two men armed with a firearm and cutlass entered the home of Patrick Mohabir, 42 years, of Belvedere, Corentyne, and held him up along with his wife Shabina Ahmad, 39 years.

 During the incident, the police said Patrick Mohabir put up a resistance and was shot and chopped by the perpetrators who escaped with two cell phones and a pair of shoes.

 Mohabir was taken to the Anamyah Memorial Hospital where he succumbed while receiving medical attention.

 According to information received by INews, the two men who were armed with a firearm and a cutlass, entered the two storey building through a window on the upper flat. The now dead man reportedly heard sounds and went to check and in so doing, he was confronted by the two men.

However, despite his wife, Shabina Ahmad offering them money, they reportedly shot and chopped the businessman then escape with two mobile phones. No arrest was made as police continue their investigations.





  1. Interesting to know the stats on who are committing the crimes in Berbice..No wonder most Berbicians want to ‘go away’ to America.

  2. Well I was a businessman in Guyana in the seventy, eighty PNC time. I had to run from there to the US. Now Granger is president same killing. So sad. Thank god I am not there. So sad for those business people

  3. The dead man should be your father brother or son or wife then your dum behind would be yelling differently.The APNU thugs are on the go.

  4. What about the wife? Was she assaulted or injured ? If not,the police need to investigate if the wife was involved in the setting up.

  5. If the APNU/AFC with the help of the ABC and GECOM can steal a whole country and the ordinary thief knows about this, they also want to have a share of the spoils. Unfortunately, innocent businessmen/women and other hard working, law abiding citizens are the victims. This administration had all the plans and policies to arrest the crime spree during the election period. The opposite has happened and they still have no plan in place that is working. They put in place ‘operation dragnet’. That is being used as a cover to SPY on former heads of government institutions and former ministers. An illegal government with no respect from the citizens. Guyana is in a reverse gear…back to the days of kick-down-the-door bandits, press muzzling, state terrorism, guylines. Watch out for a militarised style of government.

  6. The government need to put a lot of effort to curb crime. It’s spiraling out of control and in turn hurt the economy and tourism. Why don’t they get the foreign friends to donate equipment and vehicles to help out. It can be controlled, we just need the resources. My question is, Is the Government serious about stopping crime?

  7. This is how these ppl do business. They drive fear into the ppl. ‘We have to stand up to this regime and let them know we are the ppl that put them there to serve us not the other way around –its the only choice we have now before its too late..The scum bags members of this government should never be allowed to rest until we the ppl needs are met–

  8. Borndumb its a suspected HIT find out what the creep was involved in,dirty business,,,AS Usual,,,,that has nothing to with pnc or ppp ,,you will blame the government for your dead brain just now, the lawlessness is slowly coming to an end,,,get use to it

  9. Robbery, kick down the door, and murder of business people is here to stay as long as the PNC is in control of the army?
    Why is it that soldiers spying on people and cannot see when Venezuela helicopter landed in Guyana?


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