Amicable solution reached between St. Roses High, St. Agnes Primary


Some of the parents during the protest last Friday September 13. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the parents during the protest last Friday September 13. [iNews’ Photo]
[]An agreement has finally been reached between the Staff, Parent/Teacher Associations and Board Members of the St. Rose’s High School and the St. Agnes Primary School on how to utilize the space shared by the students of the two schools.

Representatives of the two schools have been at odds since the commencement of the 2013-2014 academic school year on September 2, over the shared accommodation which even led the Parent/Teacher Association of the St. Agnes Primary School to protest the Ministry of Education.

The parties met on Tuesday September 17 with Minister of Education Priya Manickchand where the matter was amicably and robustly discussed, with the Minister explaining that the paramount consideration for the parties must be what is in the best interest of all the students.

The Ministry in a release said, “Having regard for the fact that the Government will be constructing six additional classrooms for usage by St. Agnes Primary School, six current classrooms from St. Agnes’s Primary will be housed at St. Angela’s Primary and St. Ambrose Primary temporarily until said construction is completed.”

The Minister has however expressed disappointment at the behavior of some of the adults involved in the matter and said she was concerned that the unwholesome behavior could be a bad example for the children.

Students of the St. Agnes Primary School were forced to share the St. Rose’s Secondary School building which is housed in the same compound following repairs to the dilapidated St. Agnes Primary School building.

However, there were complaints of the St. Agnes students being locked out of the St. Rose’s School which sparked widespread protest action by parents and teachers.

Meanwhile, the Executive of the St. Agnes PTA is asking the Parents of St. Agnes to attend a special emergency meeting at 4pm at the St. Agnes Primary School on Wednesday September 18.



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