Amendments to Former Presidents Bill slash benefits; pension remains intact

Former Presidents, Bharrat Jagdeo (left) and Donald Ramotar.
Former Presidents, Bharrat Jagdeo (left) and Donald Ramotar.
Former Presidents, Bharrat Jagdeo (left) and Donald Ramotar.

[] – The Former Presidents (Benefits and Other Facilities) Bill 2015, which is being tabled as an amendment to the existing legislation, if passed in the National Assembly will slash several benefits for Guyana Former Presidents – Samuel Hinds, Bharrat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar.

The new Bill, being presented to the National Assembly by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, puts a tight cap on the benefits that the former Leaders can enjoy at the expense of the state coffers.

A copy of the document, as obtained by iNews, shows that the Bill has not slashed the pension allocation from $1.2M. The pension for the Former Presidents has managed to raise eyebrows in the past by the APNU+AFC while in Opposition and now that there is no proposed modification to this particular element of the Former Presidents benefits legislation is surprising.

The Bill limits expenses incurred for utilities such as telephone, water and electricity to $25,000 each month.

It also states that “services of personal and household staff, including a gardener, provided that the total number of such staff shall not exceed three persons, including any member of the staff who may be on earned vacation or sick leave.”

Further, the Former Presidents are subject to a financial limit of $200,000 per annum to cover medical expenses; however the reimbursement is only given if the said medical treatment is not available at local public health institutions.

They are also given an annual vacation allowance equivalent to the cost of two first class return airfares.




  1. Really what did you guys expect. All window dressing. They are setting their own pension benefits now. Nature of the beast.. Is that pension stipend 1.2 million a month or year?

  2. Yes but for some reason, I aint see any difference from what it was to now, is who they think they fooling? Look, stop this nonsense, get on with governing the country, steeupsss.

  3. Y is the pension still so high? I’m working my ass off as a teacher and can’t save that amount in an entire year.

  4. Don’t forget the PNC will be in the same position and they have to take the same amount like the PPP


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