Albouystown residents tackle floods


The current state of the Albouystown community. [iNews' Photo]
The current state of the Albouystown community. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Despite no heavy rainfall, over the last 48 hours, residents from sections of Albouystown and surrounding communities woke up to flood waters at unusually high levels on Tuesday, June 23.

When iNews visited the area on Tuesday morning, the streets were still flooded and residents were taking extra precautions. During the visit, one man accidentally walked into an open manhole, but managed to pull himself up.

Residents are complaining that they are clueless with respect to the reason for the flooded streets since there was no rain and the kokers are supposed to be in proper working conditions.

One resident explained to iNews that he did some investigation of his own and found that the koker was in fact not working properly. He explained that he checked on the flood gates only to see that it was the source of their water woes.

The current state of the Albouystown community. [iNews' Photo]
The current state of the Albouystown community. [iNews’ Photo]
iNews visited the koker at Sussex street which was closed at the time, but the pump attendant was making efforts to open the facility.

It was explained to iNews that the koker door has been damaged for several years now and whenever there is a neap tide [a tide in which the difference between high and low tide is the least], the water would overwhelm the koker.


  1. Walk, drive or ride through many streets in Albouystown and you will find that the drains are at the same level with the streets. The stench is unbearable but those living there have become so accustomed to the foul smell that they don’t smell it anymore.
    The drains are filled with what could be described in local terminology as puttuh puttuh mud which is like a black jelly like material, vegetation as well as styro foam, chicken feathers, plastic containers,old pieces of clothing; just about anything the residents discarded.
    It is the first responsibility of the residents to ensure nothing is discarded into those drains. It is the responsibility of town hall officials to ensure the drains are not clogged up. It seems they are content sitting at meetings arguing for higher stipend

  2. OMG INEWS are you on the same wave length please double check today is 06/23/15 these thing only happen and reported when the PPP was in government just like the big market paper the objectiveness of journalisms is lost


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