Alleged fraudster remanded for fleecing city hotels

28-year-old Anthony Nestor

A 28-year-old Trinidadian who is currently on remand for fraud charges, today made another appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for yet another charge of fraud at a city hotel.

Anthony Nestor pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge which stated that between September 2 and 17 at Eldorado Inn at Thomas and Quamina street, he incurred a debt of $135,000 by means of staying at the hotel and refusing to pay.

28-year-old Anthony Nestor
28-year-old Anthony Nestor

Police prosecutor Neville Jeffers stated that the virtual complainant was reading a daily newspaper when he spotted an article with the defendant committing the same offense at other hotels. As such, he made a report to the police station.

The unrepresented man told the court that he lost his baggage and was unable to pay, however he stated that presently he is able to pay the virtual complainant immediately through his spouse.

He was able to hand over the money to a representative of the hotel in court but was $5,000 short, and as such he promised to have the balance repaid by Monday.

Nestor remains on remand for the previous fraud charges.

In his first encounter between April 1 and 15, 2016 at Campbellville, Georgetown, Nestor incurred a debt of $260,824 at Brandsville Hotel, where he pretended to be in possession of a valid credit card to pay the said expenses. The card belonged to Wilfred Brandford.

On another occasion Between August 15 and 18, 2016, he again incurred a debt, this time of $66,898 at Opus Hotel where he again presented a false credit card belonging to the above named individual- Wilfred Brandford.

In court for the two matters, the 28-year-old who was represented by Attorney-at-law, James bond had stated that his client is the owner of the soon to be launched “School of Etiquette.”

Nestor was remanded to prison in those instances too.


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