All talk?…Rohee takes PM Nagamootoo to task on promise to reduce presidential powers

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo



People’s Progressive Party General Secretary Clement Rohee is taking Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo to task over several promises he made during the last General and Regional Elections regarding reducing the powers of Guyana’s Executive President.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

Nagamootoo had said he always felt that the President had too much power and promised that he would do whatever is possible to have those powers reduced. However, Rohee at a recent media briefing said seven months have elapsed since the new administration took office but to date no action was taken by Nagamootoo or his peers to move in this direction.

“Not a single initiative has been taken by Nagamootoo to humble the powers of the President and the excess of the Executive… Let’s see if he has the testicular perspicacity to do so in the upcoming review of the constitution,” Rohee posited.

Though he is advocating for the coalition to fulfil its promise in this regard, Rohee declined to comment on the PPP’s position about the lessening of presidential powers.


Soon after being sworn in as Prime Minister, Nagamootoo had said that he wants to “start on humbling the powers of the President, the excess powers of the Executive, and to bring about inclusion within the government system.”

Government had established a Constitutional Reform Steering Committee that was tasked with setting up the framework for substantive constitutional reforms and to define the scope of the actual reform process and the establishment of terms of reference and mechanisms for consultations to establish a Constitutional Reform Commission. This report was recently submitted to the Prime Minister for review.






  1. Anyone seen the pic of Naga with his red bikini and high heel matching shoes on the net? This namakram will rotten – Moses and Ramjattan just sold all the sea lands to Buddy Singh for Housing development projects….how is this PNC regime any different on what they are prosecuting the PPP former ministers for? How are these deals any benefits to the local people?

  2. All talk?…Rohee takes PM Nagamootoo to task on promise to reduce presidential powers
    Ow me God look pon Rohee nuh: Him want poor old Nagamammoo to risk his life by trying to fulfill one of the many promises Nagababboo made.
    Rohee does not know mouth-r and guitar are two totally different things?
    Word out and this could very well be true that Nagamook Rumjhaatmook and Ropenarinemook wants to back out of the marriage to PNC but they fear PNC wrath.
    The independent free press must ask Rumjhaatmook how many trips he made to the US embassy now.
    PPP top brass- PNC top brass all knew Nagamook babboo was all talk talk talk and nothing more the fat belly nimakaharam moron.

  3. Two down right racist and that’s why Guyana has to be divided along racial lines…it’s the iliterate ones who are making those silly comments about the newly elected Govt. The coalition is there to stay so shut up and accept defeat.

  4. His Olive branch does not have any leaves and will not stand in the present environment. Pressure must be made to make sure no farce is impose on the people without proper constitutional reform. Removal of the REO and Town Clerk positions must be done first. Make the elected chairs of the regions an Executive one and create local Regional Police Forces od Services instead of revamping the People’s Militia with is another name for infamous Ton Ton Mocoutes of Haiti.

  5. Why would Nagamootoo reduce the powers of the presidency? He is hoping to be president. What he fails to realize is that the PNC boys will never ever let that happen. Additionally, any effort to reduce the powers of the presidency through constitutional reform will be minor. This very gentleman along with Ramkarran and the PNC boys had the opportunity to do so in the last constitutional reform exercise but deliberately fail to do so because lets face it, it would be in the best interest of both the PPP and PNC when they are in power. We saw the same thing with the president’s benefits. Do you really think any of these fools are willing to give up their mouth and eat through their behind?


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