Govt may soon settle on financial compensation for E Day violence victims

A scene from the post-elections violence in Sophia last May

After several calls from various segments of the population it seems as if the APNU/AFC Government has finally decided to offer some form of financial compensation to the victims of the violence that flooded several communities on Election Day, May 11, 2015.

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament Joseph Hamilton has put forward a Motion in the recent sitting of the National Assembly to this effect.

Hamilton argued that the victims were, among other things, psychologically abused, physically assaulted, robbed and had their properties severely damaged or completely destroyed.

Inews understands that Government conceded with the proposition and will accordingly compensate the victims. Government will also meet and consult with the victims.

A scene from the post-elections violence in Sophia last May
A scene from the post-elections violence in Sophia last May

The E Day violence took place at a number of polling stations along the East Coast of Demerara and Georgetown and at least one victim required expensive emergency surgery. Former Information Liaison Kwame McCoy was attacked so badly that he had to be hospitalised. McCoy was confronted by an angry mob as he was about to exit the polling station at St Sidwell Primary School at Hadfield Street and Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.

Another notable incident was the unrest which occurred in C Field Sophia for over 12 hours during which Police Officers were unable to control the riotous crowd which had gathered in front of a home and began to engage in the looting of personal property. The home and several vehicles were subsequently set afire.

In other areas, persons were hauled out of their vehicles and received several blows about their bodies for merely making an appearance in villages that were predominately occupied by supporters of the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition.




  1. West Dem,you are so STUPID,BLIND and DUMB,that I`m sorry for you.I wish you will learn to SEE,HEAR and THINK for yourself.DK and Debra,you are both DUMB KNOTS,can`t help yourselves.

  2. I disagree with this Coalition government to pay compensation to anyone who claims damages for what took place on election day.Suppose it was a ploy by the then PPP government that paid individuals to create confusion in this country.This move indicates to me that this government with intelligent people is saying to this nation that it is guilty of creating mayhem at election time,falling in to the trap of these PPP HYPOCRITES.

  3. It is a blatant lie,that Kwame McCoy was assaulted on election day at St Sidwell Primary School.That photograph that was posted was alleged to have been an accident he had about 2 years or more ago.He was escorted by the then Opposition leader David Granger and another to a vehicle that took him out of the compound unhurt..THAT WAS and IS PROPAGANDA of the HIGHEST ORDER.

  4. Willie, I agree with you…that guy beat and punched himself to a bloody mush…AND you were not dropped on your head to the concrete when you were born….

  5. Govt may soon settle on financial compensation for E Day violence victims
    PPP must take note:: On election day only one set of people claims victory even loosing by a landslide to go out and beat and rob loot and burn.
    Its a ploy for PNC rogues to grab some loot.
    They answer to no one.
    PPP did nothing for those that were beaten robbed and sexually molested on Agricola public road by PNC thugs when ordered to do so by a very prominent lawyer/politician. PPP failed to protect their people at all cost. PPP failed to protect the peoples votes always crying how PNC operatives are not allowing PPP staff to do this, do that, do the other.
    You ask those PPP staff how they feel when they are left to the mercy of PNC thugs on voting day in PNC strongholds polling stations.
    PNC now have the GDF apparatus in full gear to even go into PPP strong holds to fetch ballot boxes again where no one can stop them.

  6. why would the Govt agreed to compensate for election day violence????was the Govt responsible for that??certainly not

  7. Paragraph 5 of your article, …McCoy was attacked… is false, misleading and bullshit jornalism. Video image shows that the man was unhurt upon leaving the polling station in question.


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