All aerodromes in Guyana to be upgraded

An aerial view of Ogle Airport

The Government in a media release today said that as part its plans to transform the country’s infrastructure, emphasis will be placed on the development of aerodromes.

An aerial view of Ogle Airport
An aerial view of Ogle Airport

Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Annette Ferguson in recent interview with the media was quoted as saying that the administration recognises that improved infrastructural networks can serve as a catalyst for development; as such Cabinet approved the upgrade of Guyana’s aerodromes.

Minister Ferguson added that a committee has already been identified and given their mandate to begin development works; to wit by early March they will submit a draft document that outlines such development.

“That document would seek to address how best we can have our aerodromes improved…we have in excess of 160 airstrips in the varying regions…some of these airstrips are in a deplorable state…this improvement will not be done haphazardly,” Ferguson explained.

The Minister noted that a consultative approach will be taken when developing airstrips in the hinterland to ensure that the various stakeholders, operators and people who live in the community have their say in what is happening.




  1. How stupid are these people? Dissolving the Tourism Ministry and upgrading the airstrips. What message is this sending? How will Cathy Hughes run two different ministries portfolio that are not remotely close in content or subject matter.

    The same nonsense happened with the Culture, Youth and Sports ministry. Not sure why it is under Education when youth represent a large portion of the population and should have a dedicated ministry. Guess this is the CHANGE everyone wanted. Guyana has nowhere to go but down, only time will tell.


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