Albion supporters urged to safe guard ballot boxes on May 11 at PPP Rally


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

IMG-20150419-WA0005[] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic, Clement Rohee, during a rally at Albion, Corentyne Berbice urged supporters to ensure that they do not allow the “Opposition coalition” to steal the ballot boxes nor the votes of the people come May 11.

According to Rohee, the Party will be prepared for any such eventuality. The crowd at the April 19 rally was deemed the largest in the history of the Party. Rohee said that the PPP/C has learned an important lesson which is non complacency.

“The lost votes must be regained; we will not allow them to take away the victory come May 11,” Rohee said.

He also accused the Opposition of being scandalous with their accusations that the Party has strayed from the ideals of its founder Dr. Cheddi Jagan; he said it’s quite the contrary.

‎The Party’s General Security also told the crowd that the APNU+AFC’s Presidential Candidate David Granger’s “soul mate” is ‎Moses Nagamootoo, much to the amusement of the crowd.

Rohee was quiet the entertainer as he performed several songs on stage about marriage between a man and a woman, referring to the union of the two main political parties being between two men.

Meanwhile, former President Bharrat Jagdeo spoke about the Party’s plans for the sugar and rice industries in Guyana which he said are all aimed at creating employment for Berbicians.PPP 1

Immediately after the former President spoke, many of the Party’s supporters started leaving, even after President Donald Ramotar took the podium to make his remarks.

The incumbent President is confident of a win post May 11 and attributed that confidence to his government’s track record of achievements in Guyana.

‎He was critical of the coalition’s women’s rally which was held on Saturday and called it a, “lie lie rally.”

‎President Ramotar again accused the Opposition to being linked to criminal elements.




  1. You are correct. Jagdeo (NOT Dr.- for your info) cannot make pickney. We know he does travel pun de “ship” every Fathers’ Day.

  2. Dennis McKenzie, You’re living out of Guyana in your cheap sheet rock apartment and want to lecture our Guyanese brethren! You have exhibit your true mental self, and that you have enslave yourself Mentally. Mr. McKenzie, You are in a miserable state and don’t know it.
    You state “DON’T JEOPARDISE an opportunity to ENJOY A BETTER LIFE WITHOUT THEM” Really?
    Well Mr. Racial, They can’t live without us and we without them, we are one.
    We are likened to branches of one tree. “WE are branches of the tree of Humanity”
    Your memory fail you to remember the BANKRUPT stage your PNC had us in!
    Put on you that spectacles you have hanging on your neck, and Google to see how Guyana is being Modernize by the PPP.

  3. To my Guyanese mothers,fathers brothers,sisters,nieces,nephews and others,do not allow Jagdeo and Ramotar to continue to divide us through RACIAL SPEECHES and ACTIONS.You will notice,that only around election time,these elements appear to create confusion among us.They want to control you as SLAVES were controlled by SLAVE MASTERS long ago, because of their own agendas.You have been suffering for years and they did nothing to help,but suddenly they are your saviours,to ride on your backs to a victory they do not deserve.To continue riding you for their own gain.WAKE UP,and STAND UP to their
    FALSE MESSAGES of HOPE that will NEVER materialize.BE SMART,BE WISE.

  4. Gordon you sound like a parrot who only repeat what you hear. Generally most PNC followers don’t think for themselves, they just repeat. that’s why you repeat the word “oligarchs” Gordon, out of ignorance you referred to our majority as “oligarchs”
    You heard that the PPP are plutocracies and just repeating it, but in reality we are the Developers, builders, the progressive types.
    Why you people don’t join us in Modernization of Beautiful Guyana.

  5. cheddi jumbie u singin for naught …pnc will stuff your mouth with their boot lace till you will ask for water from thy cupeth lol

  6. Time for change in Guyana.guyana is being rule be the ppp/c oligarchs who wants to continue raping this country of its wealth while the ordinary man lives in poverty.donot vote race vote change

  7. Cheddi, it’s a pity you don’t know your own history. Dr. Barrat cannot make or get Pickney. The word “Pickney” derived from the word “Pink Knee” or “Pink ney” better understood as “Pickanenny” that is of African decent. During the travel/transport of young slave in wooden boat, they had to be on their knees because of the roughness of the sea. so when they came out of the boat their knees were all pink. So Junta, you need to educate yourselves and then vote PPP.
    We have “Dougla” children and we sometimes call them “Beta & Beti”
    “Coolie” means baggage carrier or baggage boy.
    Anyway still Vote PPP, Vote for continuations growth and Development.

  8. Would it be possible for anyone to steal and stuff the ballot boxes?
    Would not security be provided by the Elections Commission?

  9. it is a really sad day for Guyana when the incumbent PPP cannot boast of its achievements in its campaign. The PPP has to resort to fear mongering.

    If this party is allowed to return to power, a new phase of corruption will sweep over guyana. This new phase will be conducted by the “pickney politicians” of the PPP and led by Bharrat and Rohee.

  10. My God. This is an extremely large gathering. Vote solidly for the PPP/C. Let progress continue.

    Let it be known that Guyana is not just Georgetown. This is a vast country with a silent majority. For all those anti PPP bloggers you must be shivering in your skin…lol…..go eat crow.

    Fellow Guyanese show your support in full force come May 11th. VOTE PPP/C. Let progress continue.


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