PPP “pulled out” of Town hall forum with GNYC/GWR


By Jomo Paul

Youth[www.inewsguyana.com] – Head of Communications for the Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC) Francis Bailey has revealed that the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) decided not to take part in a scheduled public forum organized by the GNYC and the Guyana Women’s Roundtable (GWR) over the fear of “hardball questions” from persons at the meeting.

Bailey made the disclosure while speaking on Hard Talk aired on 90.1 Love FM where he was joined by Blue Caps Chairman Michael Leonard and Founder of the Guyana Youth Movement (GYM) Robin Singh, discussing issue relating to youth and the 2015 General and Regional Elections.

Bailey’s revelation about the forum comes even after a representative from the Guyana Women’s Roundtable stating that the forum was rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances.

But Bailey, when questioned by Hard Talk host, Chris Chapwanya reported that “Yesterday was supposed to be the PPP/C round of that event but they have pulled out. Very few reasons were provided.”

However, he did go on to indicate that from what he understands, “following the interview with Ms Harper, she felt ambushed by that meeting and the candidate was not fully ready. We were asked to give assurances that the crowd would be controlled. It seemed to be a lot of fear…fear of hardball questions at the event. Nothing that I can understand as being reason for them to pull out of the event.”

Bailey also related that the GNYC remains optimistic that the incumbent PPP would reconsider and provide a date for the forum to be held.

Meanwhile, Blue Caps Chair, Leonard while noting his disappointment in the developments regarding the forum pointed out that Blue Caps has a similar event and while the group has been able to attract the Opposition Leader and other persons, it was wholly unable to garner the presence of a PPP official.

GYM Founder, Singh related that he looking forward to the forum.

“I don’t think that Mrs Harper can go into politics and avoid facing interview and questions. You can’t make a commitment to young people and then not live up to it.”

Meanwhile, the youth leader also expressed disappointment in a recent decision by the APNU+AFC coalition to wager the planned Presidential Candidates debate on the demand for a Prime Ministerial Candidates debate.

“I would think that you take a Presidential Debate over a Prime Ministerial Candidacy debate any day…I don’t quite see the logic in it,” said Singh.



  1. the beauty about technology is that the youths will not allow anyone to muzzle them anymore they are going to fight for what they want whether it is from the PPP/C or the new government on May 12th. so you do not have to worry about the PNC youths they good.

  2. Miss Galfromna, What position did he say he is running for? Usually I don’t debate with liars but maybe you know somethings that even President Jagdeo doesn’t know.
    Please remember, the only reason why his name is on the list is to make Joseph Harmon happy. You guys literally beg the man for three full years to come back in politics.
    Did you say Minister of PNC affairs? OR Minister to manners PNC/AFC?

  3. there must be no debate period…u want to know what your party will do for you then attend their meetings and rallies…ppp will have to answer questions posed by sn kn inews dm waves about bogus corruption while pnc will have leading questions..plus the pnc crowd will drown out ppp because they are loud their ar proud to be black guarded..they never want to hear what the other side has to say..its pnc way or no way so ppp has to hit the hi-way.

  4. You don’t read well or what, did Jagdeo not say he was not running for any government position, and is his name not on the PPP/C party list? Jagdeo is a damn liar, everybody know that even the people in the PPP/C knows. No one but Rohee comes to his rescue.

  5. They pulled out cause they like to know what the question is before hand , any hard questions on the spot will make them look the fool the really are they had a taste with Mrs Harper

  6. Wow no matter how hard most of us try to keep away from raise those of u who follow the ppp can’t help you’ll self just like your leaders

  7. typical lowlifes that the ppp is a magnet for! you better do yourself a favor and stay away from the race-baiting that goes on at dem ppp rallies. you show all the signs of someone out on the fringes that is ready to act-out on some of the coded messages you hear from the likes of rohee, jagdeo and ramotar.

    lemme tell you about something not so secret to those who think for themselves but hard to understand by dunces like yourself. jail mek for those like you and me and not for jagdeo, rohee and ramotar. let them set you up with their nonsense and you gon see where you gon end up.

    damn idiot!

  8. the ppp has no use for the civility under which formal discussions are conducted. look around you and pay attention to the goings-on at the political rallies / race-baiting jamborees that the ppp holds all over the country and you will get a good idea of how dem love the gutter.

    they want to use guysuco trucks to fetch in the sheeples and plant them in a crowd and make them listen to loads of crap from the most dumb bankrupt set of politicians the world have come to know.

    rohee, jagdeo and ramotar are three dunces who want to ride back to power on the backs of racist guyanese who are too lazy to think for themselves. the ppp knows that its constituency have no need for debates and forums because they are not educated, classy and sensible enough to understand what goes on during such events. what they know good is the race-baiting because it is a trait in some guyanese.

  9. Miss Galfromna, Stop your lies! You’re lying like the rest of the PNC. The Gentle man never said to you nor your looting husband that he is a Presidential candidate. He is not running for the Presidency. Stop your “LIES”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Andrew Cheddi Trevis Lookna Shaun Pandit Baboo Guy-and-ana Albert, and many other names that you go by. You Mr. PNC is here with your racist self again. We remember how you normally beat down on us Indian.
    On the 04 of dec. 2014 you state and I quote.
    “that all the indian girl now have every other man,, not indian,, they foreign minded. Gray and company will have a white man soon,,,under Burnham the coolie girls were very quiet,,, now they all got phantom man and drugs man they don’t want drunk man,,,,lol” end of quote.
    That’s how low the PNC are. You used to boast of being a phantom member, who works for Felix.

  11. The PNC youths understand the working of the PPP/C. They have had 23 years to show us the PNC youths that they care. Now suddenly because they want to win an election they care. They will do, just like they did in the past, they are a bunch of untrustworthy people. They lie all the time. Take for instance Jagdeo he said he was not running, big lie, he is now running. How can we, and most importantly why should we trust those PPP/C Bit**es.

  12. Youths of the PNC have gone overboard with the idea of this whole youth thing. PNC youths need to drop their “EGO”. You PNC youths are really ahead of yourself.
    Youths of the PNC, please understand that the PPP is not for one set of youths only OR for the Youths only.
    PPP is for all Guyanese! PPP is for you. “From the cradle to the grave”
    PPP represent Infants, Children, Youth, Middle age, Old age, even making sure that pension is given every month to Granger, Greenidge, Rupert Roopnarine, Harmon, Ralph Ramkarran, Amna Ally, etc. etc.
    Youths, Please know that you cannot live without technologies! Therefore Vote PPP!
    PNC doesn’t understand business. PNC only know how to run you and Guyana bankrupt again!

  13. The PPP pulled out because they are scared of “hard ball” questions. lol.
    Who running scared now?

    As far as I am concerned, the PPP pulling out of this forum has clearly stated that they are not answerable to anyone. No one dare ask them questions about the future of Guyana. No one dare ask them about corruption and cronyism. No one dare ask them about the Barriot hotel.

    The PPP is trying to enslave the Indian population of Guyana by driving fear into their hearts.


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