Airport Expansion Project: Opposition should broaden its vision – President


Head of State, Donald Ramotar is of the opinion that the opposition political parties are not being constructive in their criticisms of several developmental projects ongoing in Guyana.

This includes the Cheddi Jagan International Airport expansion project. During an interview yesterday, President Ramotar responded to the Alliance for Change’s [AFC] claim that the residents who are being asked to relocate were not consulted.

According to the President, this issue was already dealt with by the Public Works Ministry and the airport authorities.

“The Opposition is not being constructive in their criticisms, in fact they are being destructive,” President Ramotar said.

The President reiterated that the expansion of the airport is vital to Guyana’s development, given the fact that it is strategically located geographically. President Ramotar believes that Guyana can become an important international hub, which will attract more visitors and will assist in the development of the tourism sector.

In this regard, the Head of State is urging the Opposition to broaden its vision and not to confine their thinking to only “LIAT coming to Guyana.”

“…and I think that’ what they’re missing. They’re basing their analysis on what exists here today,” the President said.





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