AFC’s pro – democracy alliance “still on the cards” – Patterson



By Kurt Campbell


AFC General Secretary, David Patterson and Member, Dominic Gaskin. [iNews' Photo]
AFC General Secretary, David Patterson and Member, Dominic Gaskin. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – General Secretary of the Alliance for Change (AFC), David Patterson says his Party’s proposal to lead a pro – democracy alliance at the next general elections is “still on the cards” despite the naysayers and detractors that emerged when the announcement was made two weeks ago.

Speaking at the AFC’s last press conference for 2014, Patterson says the Party has already dispatched invitations to other political parties, religious organizations, civil society groups and unions and expects to meet and hold discussions over the next six weeks. “We are proceeding apace.”

Patterson would not say if any group had conclusively indicated its willingness to join the alliance but would only say that the alliance will be driven by policy that all would have to be in agreement with.

When pressed further he said, “I don’t want to speculate, there are ongoing discussions so we don’t want to speculate on the outcome,” adding that at the end of negotiations the public will be notified duly.

The AFC GS was keen to point out that that the Party has received no rejection to the idea by the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – and Opposition Leader David Granger, despite media reports to the contrary. He said Granger had indicated his willingness to meet and talk.

Reporter were that Granger had questioned the merit of joining the AFC’s proposed alliance when it never took up a similar offer the APNU has had on the table for three years now.

To this end, Patterson said there is a big difference between the two proposals; pointing out that the APNU was a “big tent sort of arrangement” whiles the AFC’s proposal is driven by policy.

General Secretary of the governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee had rejected the proposal; stating that it is a “force ripe proposal” and that the “AFC is a force ripe Party.”

Rohee told a news conference on December 08 that the AFC is seeking to replace Granger with the proposal.

Ramjattan at the Party’s recent National Conference had indicated the Party’s willingness to join forces with the members of the PPP and APNU to lead a pro- democracy alliance.

Boasting of the AFC’s ability and leadership to offer Guyana a brighter future, Ramjattan said the Party firmly believes every citizen, group and political party that has something wholesome to offer to the efforts of a renewed Guyana must find a way to corporate and deliver to the people, a government of national unity.



  1. afc must fuss state if rotation between black and collie still in their constitution.
    suh fussting fuss,,since its a black turn to lead afc..
    fuss up was black tratmon..
    second up was collie jattan..
    who now? which black now?


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