14-Y-O allegedly gang raped; perpetrators charged with ‘Break & Enter’



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

stop rape[www.inewsguyana.com] – The 14 – year – old girl who was brutally gang raped by four men who broke into her Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo home is finally being counseled weeks after the ordeal.

Alliance For Change, (AFC) Member of Parliament Cathy Hughes expressed shock at the Police’s treatment of this matter, since two of the men who were identified by the teen have only been charged for breaking and entering and not with the offence of rape.

iNews understands that four men who are known to the teen, broke and entered the home and raped her in the process. The men also attempted to rape the girl’s 10 – year – old sister.

Hughes believes that the gaps in the system continue to allow for this type of treatment against women in Guyana.

She explained that a report was made but the Inspector claims otherwise. Hughes said that the matter was brought to her attention earlier in the week and she was told by the teen’s mother that the matter was reported to the police.

The teen was able to identify two of the men and according to Hughes, the Inspector at the police station continues to give the family a, “royal run around” claiming the matter was not reported.

The AFC MP was forced to take the child to Director of the Child Care & Protection Agency, Ann Green, whom she said has been very facilitating.

When iNews contacted Green, she explained that the child has been responding well to counseling sessions. She could not give additional details into the incident.

“The child got to tell the story one time to the police so I didn’t get to ask the details…it’s a matter that we are working with the child advocacy center…the concern is to ensure the child gets the help that she needs.”

She further added, “the child is doing fairly alright with our intervention and with the follow up, so she is responding very good. I had an initial talk with her, letting her know it wasn’t her fault because when children are in that type of situation they feel very funny; they don’t like themselves, a lot of things go in their mind…so we have to help her deal with this situation and let her know it wasn’t her fault, that it’s the evil men and she could rise up above this so we gotta build back her self-esteem.

Hughes is calling on the police to bring the child’s perpetrators to justice.


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