AFC “super optimistic” about coalition talks – Nagamootoo


By Jomo Paul

[] – The Alliance For Change (AFC) says it remains committed to current coalition talks that it has engaged with A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) as the date for General and Regional Elections draws closer.

Vice Chairman of the AFC, Moses Nagamootoo told a news conference on Thursday, February 12 that the AFC continues to have consultation on the idea of coalition and this includes public consultations with AFC supporters.

According to Nagamootoo at several AFC meetings over the past week the majority of persons showed support for a coalition government that would remove the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).

“Overwhelmingly the consensus is that they are only interested in seeing the back of the PPP regime and they had enough of Ramotar and would not endorse for a second time…so that seems to be a consensus that we are getting from the ground,” Nagamootoo said.

He said that the talks has an “historical imperative” given the fact that Guyana has never had such a diverse and dynamic political force at any point in history.

According to Nagamootoo, the AFC will be providing a report on what has obtained in the talks thus far to its National Executive Committee when it meets at the weekend.

At the weekend meeting, the AFC would be presenting some amount of “tangibles” from the ongoing discussion to its executives, said Nagamootoo.

While he noted that there is no “drop dead deadline” for the talks with APNU to conclude, Nagamootoo said it must be finished within a specific time frame given the fact that the AFC has scheduled its National Conference to elect its Prime Ministerial and Presidential Candidates for March 14.

“I don’t think that really we need to excite any type of passion or any type of negative into what happens when the schedule type expires,” said the AFC Vice Chairman.

He said that at present the Party is “super optimistic” over the prospects of the talks with APNU.