AFC still to decide on Presidential, Prime Ministerial candidates


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

AFC General Secretary, David Patterson and Member, Dominic Gaskin. [iNews' Photo]
AFC General Secretary, David Patterson and Member, Dominic Gaskin. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) is still to elect and announce its Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates even as dialogue with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) for a coalition government intensifies.

The AFC had stated that it would name its candidates after President Donald Ramotar announced a date for elections; however, this is still to be done, despite the May 11 announcement as ‘E’ Day.

Reports indicate that the candidates will be revealed after the AFC would have completed its coalition talks with the APNU. Recently, Leader of the APNU, David Granger stated that these discussions are expected to conclude within four weeks.

During a telephone interview with iNews on Monday, January 26, AFC’s General Secretary, David Patterson explained that the Party’s focus is to ensure that its elections process is done in a fair and transparent manner.

“We, the Party unlike others, I don’t want to call names, have to have an elections; it’s our constitution. A date hasn’t been set for that; most likely we will discuss that it in a week or two and we will set a day for that.”

He said there is no delay in the process, explaining that the AFC wants to ensure its members are properly mobilized.

“Everybody has to be given due notice and brought down here [Georgetown], all the members because it’s such an important thing for equal opportunity for all.”

Patterson admitted that internal lobbying is taking place by supporters of the various nominees, but in a democratic manner.

The front runners for the Party’s leadership posts include Moses Nagamootoo, Cathy and Nigel Hughes.

“Everybody has an equal opportunity, there are three persons up for the Presidential and five for the Prime Ministerial and each person I would think has their group of supporters who think they are best suited for the Party, we are a Democratic Party, the persons with the most votes will be our Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates,” the General Secretary explained.

Patterson rejected the notion that the AFC is being unfair to its supporters regarding the time it is taking to have its conference convened to elect its Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates.




  1. ‘AFC still to decide on Presidential, Prime Ministerial candidates’
    That’s your headline. Who are these people in the AFC leadership trying to con? They conned the people of Berbice in 2011 election and they are now trying another con tactic this time round. They would not be successful this time because they have revealed their true colours in Parliament for the past three years and Berbecians are no fools It was headline news when that man Ramjattan announced/endorsed that MOSES and Hughes would be their Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates respectively. They had their conference and this was confirmed once again. Have they changed their minds? ( they are entitled to). Or are they thinking whether to take the Prime Minister’s role and allow the PNC/APNU to take the Presidential position or vise/versa, in their grand coalition for democracy Ramjattan style? They are so afraid and confused because either way, they will become ‘dead meat’ (Ramjattan words) at the next general elections. That’s the most accurate prediction he has ever made or did Dick Morris predict that Mr Ramjattan?


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