AFC still ‘relevant as third force’ despite defections to APNU, Internet poll


The small opposition party – Alliance for Change – is still seen as a relevant third political force in Guyana.  That’s according to iNews weekly poll.

The poll sought persons opinion on the effectiveness of the AFC in light of a recent wave of resignations and defection to the other opposition party – APNU.

A significant of participants said the AFC was still relevant while a minority said no.  There were few undecided participants.

The AFC recently experienced internal problems at its leadership level both in and out of Guyana.

Both the ruling PPP and APNU have signaled that they are kicking into elections mode.

The AFC was formed primarily by individuals who were expelled and/or defected from both the PPP and PNC. The 2011 elections saw many who left the PNC returning to the APNU while the PPP suffered as a result of persons moving to the AFC leading to its one seat minority in the National Assembly.



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