Sooba plugs another leak at Green’s City Hall

The Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba has once more wrinkled Mayor Hamiliton Green by her latest steps to reduce wastage and fight corruption at City Hall.The Town Clerk (ag) has confirmed that she terminated the contracts with Cevon’s Waste Managament and Dartmund because both of companies were owned by Morris Archer but operates under different businesses names.
She added that that while millions were paid to the two companies responsible for cleaning the Stabroek and Bourda markets, the locations remained filthy and overflowing with garbage. Vendors, and shoppers have decried the poor garbage collection efforts at the two locations prompting such a decision, Inews learnt.
Sooba says the council has since purchased two compactors and a truck to the tune of $34 million dollars which are being deployed to reduce the amount being spent on private contractors.
Meanwhile, when asked about the waste disposal companies claim about being owed since April, the Town Clerk (ag) described it as a “total lie.” She instead revealed that the companies were paid in advance many times.

Mayor Green has expressed his anger at the Town Clerk’s decision and questioned the motive for such a move at a recently held Town Council meeting which had to be aborted.



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