AFC makes ’10 point demand’ of President Ramotar

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo.

By Tracey Khan Drakes

[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) has made a 10 point demand of the Donald Ramotar administration, noting that the President has failed the Guyanese people in a number of important areas.

AFC MP, Moses Nagamootoo.
AFC MP, Moses Nagamootoo.

Chairman of the Party Moses Nagamotoo, during the Party’s weekly press briefing on Friday (June, 27), said the President has failed to establish reforms to deal with the rampant corruption, enhance good Governance, ensure transparency in public expenditure, improve security of Citizens and increase public sector wages.

The AFC is demanding that the President establishes the Procurement Commission and appoint the members of the Integrity Commission.

He also called for immediate steps to tackle corruption in the public sector including a forensic audit of the operations of the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL).

Nagamootoo also reiterated his call for the toll at the Berbice Bridge to be reduced and the construction of a new bridge across the Demerara River.

Local Government Elections continues to be at the top of the AFC’s agenda and the Party believes it can be held this year. The party has again echoed its dissatisfaction and disgust over the coverage it continues to receive from the state run entities and called for the appointment of broad-based Boards for state media and access for all Opposition Parties to state media entities.
Nagamootoo was clear on his call for the halt of illegal spending of funds not authorized by the National Assembly and suggested tripartite talks to reach agreement on budget items.




  1. stop making demands you loosers and call no confidence. you folks are trying to stifle guyanese. you nagamootto will never be president of guyana ever. stop bluffing..stop making idle threats. no one vote for ramjattan in two elections now. you nagamootto must anser to the people that got robbed beaten and sexually molested on agricola public road. yes some of them vote for you. they got butcherd and you did nothing for them


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