AFC blazes Gov’t over Chikungunya epidemic


By Tracey Khan Drakes

AFC's Michael Carrington
AFC’s Michael Carrington

[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) believes the Government is ill equipped and prepared to deal with the soaring cases of the Chikungunya virus that has affected hundreds and pose a threat to all Guyanese.

At the Party’s weekly press conference on Friday (August 29), Executive Member, Michael Carrington, who himself is infected with the Chikungunya virus, said the response at the Georgetown Public Hospital is disappointing.

He told reporters that the institution is not adequately equipped to treat patients. According to Carrington numerous other persons were at the hospital displaying symptoms of the Chikungunya virus.

“The Government seems to have no ability whatsoever to deal with it,” he said

The AFC executive is also alleging that there was no water at the hospital on Monday last for patients to use. “The nurse and the doctors you can’t blame them they are trying their best to do what they can do. They are basically asking you what pain you have and what the problem is but they tell you nothing G you just get some injection and you go.”

Carrington stressed on how painful this virus is and called for more to be done in the health sector since “it is in a total mess,
“ saying that “because anytime Guyana hit with any major disease we are in big big problem, the health sector cannot cope with any major disease.”

Meanwhile, General Secretary David Patterson explained that there is no testing facility for persons who are suspected to contract the disease to confirm this. He said Government has had enough time to have a targeted intervention to deal with this virus.

Further he reminded that the AFC objected to the $125 M Specialty ‎Hospital and instead asked Government to invest in upgrading existing hospitals and health institutions around the country. 




  1. Mr Carrington:
    I hope you do not spread the disease yourself.
    Please tell me which third world country have the ability to deal with these ‘big’ diseases.
    There is no cure for this disease and it is spread by mosquito. Can you kill every mosquito?

  2. afc only concerned about health when it affects them personally. soon when one of them need heart surgery they will blame the pppc for not having a speciality hospital. the afc is a pack of hypocrites.


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