Tension grows between GRA, Kaieteur News Publisher over Lexus Vehicles

One of the Lexus vehicles at the center of an investigation by the GRA.

By Kurt Campbell


Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall
Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall

[www.inewsguyana.com] – In their most recent attempt to ensure that some $40 million in taxes which Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall reportedly defrauded the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Police and GRA Officials were forced to retreat last night when they visited a  Continental Park, East Bank Demerara residence to reposes two vehicles at the center of the alleged scam.

Reports are that two Lexus vehicles were imported by a couple, who benefited from duty free concessions under the Re – migrant Scheme, but were not in possession of the vehicles which is in breach of a six month reporting period.

iNews learnt that the vehicles were awarded on the condition that it cannot be leased or transferred within three years but instead was in the possession of Lall and his wife.

GRA Commissioner General, Kurshid Sattaur told iNews that both vehicles are worth approximately US$90,000 each; adding that the GRA would have been cheated some $40 million in taxes.

“He is reported to have connections in high authority and it is making it difficult for me to do my job,” Sattaur said; adding that “last night was a rough night but we had to give up.”

One of the vehicles parked  at the Continental Park residence
One of the vehicles parked at the Continental Park residence

He said he felt there was a need to seize the two vehicles since the intended beneficiaries were apparently not using them.

Sattaur said it was sad to know that it was a GRA officer that prevented the enforcement Officers from entering his premises at Continental Park where the vehicles were said to be.

“Some people need to be taught a lesson, they feel because they are in some position they are privileged.”

The GRA Head warned that no one who tries to cheat the agency will be spared; adding that all legal action will be taken to bring closure to the matter. He said action will be taken against anyone who seeks to bring reprimand to the agency too.

Ironically, this information regarding Lall surfaced after his daily newspaper published a photograph of a vehicle of an official of the Chinese logging company – Bai Shan Lin – and stated that millions of dollars in tax concessions had been waived by the government.



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