“Abducted” miner remains in Police custody after conflicting reports


The hunt is still on for the main suspect in the murder of truck driver Nicolas Perion Bobb, who was shot and killed on Sunday last at the Kuribrong Trail, Potaro River.

Two men are presently in Police custody, one of whom is the miner alleging that he escaped from the perpetrators after they had “abducted” him. However, his ‘tale’ is yet to be confirmed.

According to Commander of “F” Division (Interior locations), Kevin Adonis, the statements given by the miner are “conflicting”, and therefore he is still being investigated in relation to murder.

“His story varies a lot, it is not consistent. But he is in custody, we have him in custody. So, as for him and the abduction, we still want to know if he was part of this murder or not,” Adonis said.

The Police Commander emphasised that while the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is hunting for the main suspect in the shooting/murder, and two men are in custody, there may be others involved.

“Yes, we are looking for that one person; but based on information we are receiving, there are other persons who are said to have been there.

Apparently there were a few of them (men) there, and they were together when the crime(s) occurred, from what we are being told,” Adonis has said.

In relation to the main suspect, the GPF will soon issue a wanted bulletin for his arrest.
“We did not get him as yet…as it is, robbery was not the motive… This guy is an owner of a mining camp, so when we went there yesterday (Wednesday), he was not there, but we know he is from Vreed-en-Hoop on the WCD,” Adonis disclosed.

Reports are that the dead truck driver, who hailed from Carabese Hill in Bartica, was shot in the stomach by a group of men.

Police had initially said that the killers had abducted another man who was in Bobb’s truck and reportedly saw when the driver was shot.

However, the man managed to escape and was said to have been assisting law enforcement officers with their investigation.



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