ABC countries welcome election date


Elections_vote[] –The ABC Countries – America, Britain and Canada have welcomed President Donald Ramotar’s announcement that national and regional elections will be held in Guyana on May 11, 2015.

A joint statement noted that elections are a critical first-step towards the return of a fully functioning Parliament.

“We note the great strides made by Guyana during the 2011 general and regional elections,” the statement noted.

It was further noted that the Organization of American States (OAS) Electoral Mission Final Report, which referenced the Mission with observers from 14 countries, applauded significant efforts made by the Guyanese Election Commission (GECOM) to execute an overall inclusive and clean electoral process.

The report mentioned the “high level of training and dedication exhibited by GECOM staff in the polling centers.”

These views were also endorsed by the Commonwealth observation team. The report also noted areas of improvement to make subsequent elections more efficient and fair.

“We hope Guyana considers these recommendations, including: improving mechanisms that guarantee more equitable access to media and political financing, adherence to timely and standardized procedures for the electoral process, improving communications with all stakeholders in particular GECOM, and strengthening the promotion of gender balanced participation throughout the electoral process” the release added.

The ABC countries expressed hopes that the “upcoming electoral process will allow the Guyanese people to debate the important issues that are facing the country. We are committed to working with GECOM, all political parties, and civil society to support free, fair and peaceful elections.”

President Ramotar on Tuesday announced the date for elections, which has been welcomed by political parties, the Private Sector and a number of other civil society organizations.

However, the non-dissolution of Parliament and the proclamation of the date have raised eyebrows among the populace.



  1. You were crying another tune in 1992 when the white man did the worst thing in life ,,give you criminals power, I hope you vote right ,,the PPP will win and ppl like you will jump and hop, but dont hold your breath you fed up and you too shame to say it,,,coliee ppl fed up so watch it,,,the sad thing is guyanese have very little choice ,,the PNC hell No,, we need to get rid of all these fools ,,

  2. the only debate the guyanese people must debate is whether they want to be ruled through PNC for A B C countries.GECOM MUST BE FULLY TRANSPARENT TO ALL GUYANESE…the key to this election lies with GECOM..if A B C countries want democracy to prevail in guyana then –EVERY SINGLE VOTE MUST COUNT.
    once they at GECOM gets it right for all Guyanese to see and trust then let them get the government the Guyanese people choose..not the PNC which A B C countries choose before and is trying it again..


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