May 11 to remain Election Date – President confirms

President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar.

[] – President Donald Ramotar has confirmed that May 11, 2015 will remain the Election Date, putting to rest concerns that it will clash with CXC and CAPE exams, which is scheduled for the same day.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, January 21, the President said that the Ministry of Education will put adequate systems in place to ensure that students are able to sit their exams without disruption of the day’s election activities.

However, up to the time this story was published, the Education Ministry, headed by Minister Priya Manickchand was yet to announce what those “adequate systems” are.

When contacted by iNews on Wednesday about what impact the elections will have on the exams, Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam referred all questions to the Education Minister.

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand.
Education Minister, Priya Manickchand.

Contact was then made with Public Relations Officer of the Ministry, Suelle Findlay-Williams, who asked for a “few hours” to get the Minister’s response. However, repeated calls to the PRO’s cell phone between Wednesday and today went unanswered.

As a result of the many concerns raised about the clash of the exams and the election date, Opposition Leader David Granger has since suggested that President Ramotar change the election date from May 11.

APNU Leader, David Granger
APNU Leader, David Granger

“It is obviously an error or I would say a blunder because now that it has happened, the PPP is trying to correct that mistake and they probably didn’t put enough thought into it,” Granger told Reporters on Wednesday, January 21 at his Hadfield Street, Georgetown Office.

The Opposition Leader does not believe that the date for the examinations should be changed, since it is traditionally written around May of each year throughout the Caribbean.



  1. The intention to hold elections is clear but the date is not welcomed by all. The students need their exam season May June
    To be stress free to ensure good results for them and for guyana , similar to how we secured the Christmas season . Ramadan is mid June to mid July and also need to be stress free and secured for the Muslims . Whilst it may be possible for a date late April , it may be too close and run into the exam period. So late July seems to be an appropriate time subject to any other unforeseen consideration.May-June

  2. I think it’s a genuine concern for elections and examinations to be held the same day. But if it’s a small number of candidates for the subjects written on that day, a limited number of schools can be used exclusively for the exams .This should not affect the elections. The ministry should work out something and inform the public to address their concerns. To KIKI, I would like to inform you that the Ministry of Education NEVER hires teachers to invigilate at exams.

  3. Why should the children be off the streets. I think the opposition and their supporters should behave like adults during the election and not like hooligans like they would normally do. That is disrespect to the children of guyana to be denied walking on the streets. I think that the best possible thing to do is avoid utilising examination Centers as polling place.

  4. I think the date should not clash with the examinations and it should be set at a date when the kids are off the streets,,we all know what elections are ,,,if PPP win is shit,,if PNC/APNU/AFC come on win and thats not possible, what you think will happen ,,the safety of the children should be first ,,switching the date is not a big problem the results will be the same,,and thats when the problem begins,,,be smart guys,,

  5. Why is everyone fussing? I don’t see the big fuss about it why elections can’t be on the same day CXC and CAPE is being written. Persons are saying that schools are being used as polling places, but I am sure there are enough Primary and Nursery schools that can accommodate same. There might be an instance or two where it might not be possible, but I am equally sure that some other alternative can be arranged. Everyone was calling on the President to set a date, he didn’t set it during the christmas season because as he said he wanted everyone to have a good christmas. Now that he has set a date, and while I admit it might be an oversight to have it the same time as exams day, for me it is not such an issue. This is something we can work around. My fellow Guyanese it is about time we mature as citizens. Don’t let us make a mountain out of a molehill.

  6. The incompetent opposition only criticize the president’s decision. They opposition failed like always to produce a practical solution. Changing the Date is not a technical solution. That displays the opposition novice thinking.

  7. If education is better than election then examination might not be used as polling places. We have a long time to election and i anticipate the minister and gecom solution. I don’t think a change of date is a solution. I want to see how well can the ministry and gecom think.

  8. The president is joking, of course; he cannot be serious.

    Haha, that was a good one, Mr. President.

    OK. Joke’s over; let’s get serious.

    Tell us the real date, but only after you sign the proclamation to dissolve parliament, as required by the Constitution of Guyana.

  9. So tell us how the schools being used as poling places and examinations going on at the same time ,, you are a fine example of the PPP care only about yourself ,,,any fool would think of the children and not the elections, its very selfish and stupid to set the date without thinking, but its not strange ,,,is who set the date ,,,

  10. Thank you Mr President, the date shall remain. It is known that Nagamootoo is Guyana’s biggest lie but the so called leader of the opposition is Guyana’s biggest WHINER. Defeat is staring them in the face and they already have a game plan up their sleeve. They will create havoc after the defeat and since this will affect their own children and those of their supporters with regards to CAPE and CSEC, Granger wants a change of date. Moving the date will give him/them the freedom to unleash terror and violence on the streets of Georgetown.

    The PPP sleuths are always 10+ steps ahead. Another victory for the PPP/C on May 11 and and let us all celebrate Independence Day on May 26.

  11. To my understanding schools are designated polling sites so how will voters and students writing exams clash.
    Why is the Minister of Education not responding to this date she is in charge of the nation’s children education. Or do we have to wait on the CXC head office to respond to that date. Lastly are some of those students qualify for voting how well will their young minds be prepared for those two big things on one day. Students enlisted to write that xam may never go because of fear. I want to know if this is the “We Care Government” making such unthinkable decision. All Guyanese should be against this date and have it reverse.

  12. Elections is usually a very emotionally heightened time. It would be unfair that students who are trying to focus to have to deal with that added distraction. The timing is not convenient and well thought out.

  13. Granger should see this as a test to the effectiveness of the ministry of education. He considers this situation a blunder because he cannot effectivly think of another solution. That is an example of the oppositions uneducated composure.


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