A.I.B.A. to the Rescue! Donates Computerized Scoring System to GBA

GBA President Steve Ninvalle
GBA President Steve Ninvalle

[www.inewsguyana.com]Amateur boxing has benefitted from another shot in the arm, this time from the international body responsible for the sport A.I.B.A (International Amateur Boxing Association).

The Association last week handed over a computerized scoring system to the Guyana Boxing Association.

The scoring system was developed through the internationally recognized Swiss Timing which is a frequent partner of the international Olympic Association for their games

It was designed and sent by them to ensure the development of boxing in Guyana through tactical and technical advancements.

GBA President Steve Ninvalle says that there will be little lag time for the recently acquired piece of technology with the National Open and Champion of Champions competitions nearing their dates.

This is seen as a major boost for the sport not only from the athletes but for officials as well because they will be au fait with the systems used on the international stage at AIBA and other events.




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