9 firearms, 19 magazines, 5600 ammo found in barrel shipped from US

The firearms and magazines found in the barrel

A large cache of weapons – firearms and ammunition – was unearthed in a barrel that was shipped from the United States.

The discovery was made by a customs officer on Friday at the GNIC Wharf on Lombard Street, Georgetown.

Reports are that sometime around 14:20h, the customs officer was conducting checks on several barrels that were shipped to the wharf through LaParkan when she discovered the weapons.

These include one G2 Taurus 9mm pistol, the serial number filed off; one G3 Taurus 9mm pistol, serial no. ADH 549002; one Glock 23 pistol serial no. BVLC 388; one Glock 40 serial number BELW 511; one Roebuck Quad lock 9mm pistol, serial no. filed off; 6 one Glock 19 serial no. CBFX 596; one G3 Taurus pistol serial no. ADH 547678; 8 one Luger 9mm pistol, serial no. filed off; and one RF -15 Rifle, serial no. 23065794.

Some 5600 ammunition were discovered

Additionally, 19 magazines were also found – 17 of which are for handguns and two for the RF -15 Rifle.

With regard to the ammunition discovered, there were 4050 9mm ammo; 1100 .40 ammo, and 450 .223 ammo.

Based on information received, the items were found between clothing and food stuff in the barrel. After making the discovery, the customs officer immediately informed her supervisor.

The barrel was sent by a male from Larkspur Trail, Conyers, Georgia in the US. It was shipped to a 33-year-old driver/salesman of Guyhoc Park, Georgetown.

At the time of the discovery, the receiver of the barrel was at LaParkan to uplift the barrel.

The police were called in around 17:40h and the 33-year-old man has since been arrested. He is presently in custody for questioning.

Only earlier this week, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum reported that most of the illegal weapons seized in Guyana this year originated from the United States.