8 security persons allegedly paid for by State for Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader, David Granger [left], Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Winston Felix



Opposition Leader, David Granger [left], Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Winston Felix and one of Granger's body guard behind.
Opposition Leader, David Granger [left], Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Winston Felix and one of Granger’s body guard behind.
[www.inewsguana.com] – As the public outcry continues over the shooting incident during the People’s National Congress Reform’s 18th Biennial Congress, attention has now shifted to the Party and its Leader, David Granger’s access to armed security personnel and arms and ammunition.

iNews was reliably informed that Granger, in his capacity as Leader of the Opposition, allegedly gets eight (8) armed security personnel paid for by the State.

Personnel are assigned to his home, office and for his personal security detail. The cost of these armed security personnel per day amounts to millions of dollars per month.

Efforts made by iNews to make contact with the Opposition Leader, were unsuccessful. However, Shadow Security Minister and Former Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix confirmed that there is Security station at the Leader’s Home and Office, similar to that of Ministers of the government and the President.

He could not confirm the exact number of security.

“I don’t know how it is being counted and how those securities are rotated in a 24 hours basis. Whether they are rotated every 12 hour or every 8 hours but once you figure that out and calculated it, you should know,” Felix told iNews during a telephone interview.

He said the Leader has one personal security too but could not say who pays for that.

iNews was also informed that Congress Place reportedly has its own internal security apparatus. Additionally, the Party allegedly benefits from security input of ex – Police and ex – Military Officers who now hold strategic and important positions within the PNC.

In this regard, Felix said, “I don’t know what they talking about, Congress Place doesn’t benefit from any ex – police or army persons… I am the only ex – police and my work is not guard or security,” adding that “the people who are making these claims need to provide more details of what they are talking about and come to Congress place and find a security other than me.”

The shooting incident as well as claims of electoral rigging at the last PNC Congress has seen several leading members as well as ordinary members voicing their dissatisfaction as well as alarm at the episode.

The alleged shooter, Linden Primo was charged with Threatening Behaviour and released bail. Police records indicate that he is not the holder of a firearm license.

General Secretary of the Party, Oscar Clarke recently indicated that he was told that the shooting was aimed at “scaring off” people who nearly trampled on a woman.

He confirmed that persons are not allowed to carry firearms into Congress Place.

“No one is ever allowed in our Congress to carry firearms. I am told that the crowd had become so raucous at the entrance of the auditorium that a lady was knocked to the ground and all sorts of things happened. I was not there but I was told that had happened and as a result of which, this gentleman used his weapon and as I said we don’t allow people to walk with weapons but this gentleman he used his weapon to scare off the people trampling the lady and so on, that is what I was told but the matter is being investigated,” Clarke told reporters at a recent press conference.



  1. I think he gets the same benefits as that of a cabinet minister. Gail makes $900k a month and Luncheon makes $800k a month, so you can guesstimate a minister makes between $700k and $800k a month in salary, plus allowances.

  2. taxpayers ought to know what is mr grangers salary, allowances, pension etc.no wonder he desperately holds on to party leader and opposition leader.

  3. dont expect PNC mouth pieces stab news and wata falls papers to look into this…them afraid of PNC like bad bad bad…they can only beat pon ppp…sounds like Grangeah ah live live lavish but ah lie low like greenidge dem an corbin dem ..greenidge and corbain and hammie green dont flash dem wad…and dem wad parappa fat…de money laundry cant find dem dis man money haha

  4. Seems as though David Granger is the most important man in Guyana..
    Why all the security around him and he is just one opposition leader?
    Does his main coalition partner Roopnarine get the same security as Granger does?
    There is another opposition leader in Ramjattan of AFC, does he too get the same security as that of David Granger?
    What is David Granger really afraid of to have so many security around him at taxpayers expense?

    Inews should dig deep into this and let the public know whats going on..

  5. What is there to investigate, it has been so all the years and almost all over the world. People get a life they are more important things to look into.


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