75 tonnes of rice off to Hurricane ravaged Dominica


By Jomo Paul

Minister of State Joseph Harmon, GNIC Chairman Clinton Williams and CDC Chairman Chubilall Ramsarup at the Wharf. [iNews Photo]
Minister of State Joseph Harmon, GNIC Chairman Clinton Williams and CDC Chairman Chubilall Ramsarup at the Wharf. [iNews Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The government of Guyana has followed through on its commitment to send rice to Dominica, with Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Monday, September 14 inspecting the shipment that is scheduled to leave the country.

While the government had pledged to send some 25 tonnes of rice initially, that amount has since been tripled with the private sector contributing another 50 tonnes to be shipped to the Hurricane stricken country.

Chairman of the Civil Defence Commission Chubilall Ramsaroop told reporters at the Guyana National Industrial Company (GNIC) wharf that in addition rice, cattle feed is also being sent to Dominica.

“The government of Guyana decided that we will send some relief effort and we are now sending 75 tons of white rice to Dominica, another miller will be sending a 40-ft container of bran that is to feed their pigs and cows in particular,” said Ramsarup.

He indicated too that Guyana’s private sector has also decided to ship some amount of pharmaceuticals to the Caribbean Country. Meanwhile, Harmon stated that the government is very pleased with the donation and it will make a huge impact on Dominica.

“I think that this kind of collaboration between the Private sector and State sector is important to demonstrate to the rest of the world that Guyana is a place that responds when there is a need,” said Harmon.

He is also urging that other persons who wish to make donations contact the Civil Defence Commission. At the weekend, Dominica was hit with more flooding but no more loss of life as the country was pounded by heavy rains associated with the remnants of Tropical Storm Grace.

Several roads were underwater and some trees toppled during the downpours. There were also reports of residents stranded in some areas.

The rains came as Dominica continued the process of recovering from the widespread destruction caused by Tropical Storm Erika two weeks ago.


  1. That’s why it is imperative you read the article in its entirety before posting any comments. To apologise shows strength of character and is not a sign of weakness.

  2. I applaud this initiative. Who knows if this kind gesture can lead to long-term rice markets in Dominica and neighboring Caribbean island states.

  3. Ref, The Tragedy In Dominica:

    I hope the Dominicans show gratitude to all those countries coming to it’s aid in this time of tragedy and need.

    Because they did not show the same to their poor Haitian neighbors and residents, they evicted from among them recently.

    After having lived therein for decades, doing all the menial work available, and treated like DIRT.


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