Businesswoman charged with murder of Ex – Husband

Beverly Persaud smiles as she is being escorted from the court room.
Beverly Persaud smiles as she is being escorted from the court room.
Beverly Persaud smiles as she is being escorted from the court room.

[] – A 46 – year – old woman has been charged with the murder of her ex-husband at the Georgetown Magistrates Courts.

Beverly Persaud of Lot 56 Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court and was not required to plead to the indictable charge before Magistrate Ann McLennan.

According to the allegations, on September 10 at Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, she murdered Nathan Andrew Persaud, pursuant of an arrangement whereby money was promised by her to a man identified as “Jason,” as consideration for Jason causing the death of her ex – husband.

The unrepresented woman told the court that she is self employed and operates a shop. She was remanded to prison until October 03.

iNews had reported that the woman allegedly confessed to hiring a man to kill Persaud. She and her husband were engaged in a bitter property dispute, prior to his murder. The police were informed that the two were separated, which resulted in the husband relocating to Herstelling, where he lived with his sons; however the couple became engaged in a dispute over a property at the entrance of Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara, which was engaging the attention of the court.

A reliable police source told iNews that on Saturday, September 12, 2015, the woman told investigators at the Criminal Investigation Department that she paid to have the man killed after he expressed confidence that he was going to win the court battle for the property she was living in and that he will ensure she is placed on the streets.

Dead: Nathan Persaud
Dead: Nathan Persaud

According to the police source, the woman contracted the best friend of a close relative, after she overheard him having a conversation about traveling to a Caribbean island to visit his girlfriend but did not have enough money.

The police source noted that Persaud allegedly used that opportunity to engage the man on the plot to murder her husband. She reportedly confessed that she poured her heart out to the man, telling him that she was the subject of an abusive relationship while she was with her husband. The woman allegedly confessed to instructing the hitman on how to kill her husband.



  1. Based on previous blogs one would think that these GOOD people never do such a thing. They are hard working law abiding citizens trying to make a honest living. Hope she gets whats coming to her
    A very long stretch in the slammer.


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