72 hours of rainfall expected; some schools to be closed


Flood 3[www.inewsguyana.com] – Citizens are advised that heavy rainfall and thunder storms are expected to persist over the next 72 hours. The Ministry of Agriculture and other governmental agencies are therefore urging citizens to do all they can to safeguard themselves, their family, property and crops and livestock from being damaged.

Citizens are urged to protect their children from flood waters, and to boil all drinking water. If they have to be in the water, they are advised to wear protective boots and to wash their feet with a mixture of bleach and water.

The hydrometeorological department predicts that on Monday, cloudy to overcast skies are expected over all regions, while moderate to heavy showers and thunder storms can also be expected over Regions 1 to 7, 10 and some parts of Region 8.

Northern Guyana including Georgetown and East Coast Demerara can expect between 20mm to 60 mm of rainfall. All other locations can expect most frequently, light rain.

Tuesday through Thursday, rainfall is expected to reach 20 to 50mm. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education wishes to notify parents and guardians that due to flooding caused by the heavy rains some schools will not be opened on Monday, June 1, 2015 so as to facilitate the cleaning and sanitization of school facilities and its environs.

The following schools will be closed on Monday, June 1, 2015:



Starters Nursery

  1. South Road Nursery
  2. Gacestock Nursery
  3. Sherman Nursery
  4. St. Agnes Primary
  5. St. Angela’s Primary
  6. St. Barnabas Secondary
  7. Carmel Secondary
  8. Queenstown Secondary

East Coast Demerara:

  1. Strathspey Primary


  1. Strathspey Nursery


  1. Annandale Nursery


  1. Annandale Primary


  1. Annandale Secondary


  1. Mon Repos Primary


  1. Mon Repos Nursery


  1. Beterverwagting/Quamina Primary


  1. Beterverwagting Nursery


  1. La Bonne Intention Secondary


  1. La Bonne Intention Primary


  1. La Bonne Intention Nursery


  1. Chateau Margot Primary


  1. Montrose Primary


  1. Vryheid’s Lust Primary


  1. North Vryheid’s Lust Nursery


  1. South Vryheids Lust Nursery


  1. Better Hope Nursery


  1. Prince Williams Street Nursery


  1. Plaisance Primary


  1. Plaisance Nursery


  1. Plaisance Secondary


  1. Plindola Nursery


  1. Enterprise Nursery


  1. Enterprise Primary


The Ministry also wishes to inform CSEC and CAPE candidates that examinations will proceed as timetabled for Monday, June 1, 2015.





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