Taxi Driver shot dead in home


Crime[] – Twenty – six – year old Dennis Narine was pronounced dead on arrival at the West Demerara Regional Hospital after he was shot by unknown perpetrators at his Onderneeming, West Bank Demerara home.

A police report noted that just after midnight on Sunday, May 31, the taxi driver was aroused by noise at a glass window to his home. He went to make checks during which shots were discharged at him through the window. Narine was hit to the chest and subsequently taken to hospital where he died.

Investigations are in progress.




  1. I would want to Believe this PNC Government don’t have any better intelligent People
    for this post, Now Now You don’t PPP in your government. you will have to change the name again

  2. These crimes has be dealt with ASAP now!! Its going to be tuff but its out of hand. Sorry to say a lot more has to be done on the issue of CRIME,,too many ppl lost there life to crime,,,Seelall come on,,buck the ranks up.

  3. I believe,this NEW GOVERNMENT is made up of intelligent people,and is CAPABLE of making sensible decisions.If it feels former Ministers Rodrigues and Gopaul could play useful roles in this government,who am I to doubt them?It is their DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to make those choices.They are both competent Ministers,I think.


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