$59M awarded to Arjoon: NBS on lockdown as High Court Marshals move to collect

NBS Republic Avenue head office
Maurice Arjoon

Lawyers, for former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the New Building Society (NBS) Maurice Arjoon who was recently awarded over $59M in judgement from the High Court over his wrongful dismissal case, in the company of High Court Marshals have this morning descended onto the NBS headquarters to levy on the company’s assets in a bid to recoup the pension owed to Arjoon.

The bank, which is appealing the $59M award, has since locked the doors to the institution, this publication was informed, trapping among others, the lawyers and a court marshal within the facility.

Police are currently at the scene.

This publication was informed that one of the company’s vehicles has been removed with another likely to be taken away.

More details will be provided in a subsequent story.



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