52 Police Ranks gifted $10M for their hard work


Police ranks, CANU officers and members of community policing groups were among those awarded by the police force this morning, Wednesday July 17.

Over $10M were handed out to 52 ranks for their hard work, based on successes made during crime fighting, recovery of arms and ammunition, drug busts and traffic offences.

Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell urged the awardees to keep up the good work and to continue assisting the force to be the number one institution to protect citizens.

He noted that road accidents recorded during the first half of this year have already surpassed the number recorded during the first half of 2102.

Speaking on the increase in crimes, the top cop said while there is a zero tolerance for this, not much is being done to enforce the law and to conduct firm investigations and interrogations. The commissioner is of the view that there is too much lawlessness.

With regard to the many crimes committed against businesses and their owners, Brumell is urging the private sector to safeguard their premises at all times.

He is also urging them to look deeply into their own staffing noting that many of the recent robberies suggest involvement at that level.[Nickhail Jaundoo]



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