Police Commissioner reports decrease in crime

L - R: Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell and Crime Chief, Seelall Persaud.

Commissioner of Police [ag] Leroy Brumell has stated that the overall crime situation is not at the level, as is being perceived in the media.

At a press conference today, Wednesday July 17, the Acting Commissioner stated that there is actually a decrease of three percent in murders, while there is an increase of one percent in armed robberies where firearms were used by the perpetrators.

According to Brumell, there is also a nine percent decrease in armed robberies where instruments other than firearms were used.

He told reporters that for the year so far, the police have recorded 49 firearms, which includes 19 revolvers, 18 shotguns, ten pistols, one sub – machine gun and one rifle.

Brumell revealed that a total of 14 persons were killed during armed robberies, and during the past two weeks, six murders have been recorded.

“I met this morning with the DCLE and Divisional Commanders and we have revisited and made adjustments to our strategies to effectively police the Divisions. While we in the Police Force will e doing our utmost to deal with the situation with the support of Community Policing Groups and other stakeholders, I want to use the opportunity to urge business community to pay greater focus on their security arrangements, including the movement of cash,” the Acting Commissioner said.

Brumell also holds the view that it may be time for consideration to be given to less dependence on cash transactions in the business sector and for business personnel to move towards the use of ‘plastic.’




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