5 homeless after early morning fire in New Amsterdam


Five persons are now homeless after a fire destroyed a two-story building at King Street, New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) on Sunday morning.

INews understands that 84-year-old Doreen Thom a pensioner, her three grandchildren and acting Town Engineer Alana Joseph were at home at about 4:30h when the fire was seen in the building.

Reports are that one of the grand children woke up and saw the fan next to his bed on fire. He reportedly pulled his brother out of the bed and then raised an alarm.

The 10-year-old grandson said the fire was only on the fan when he first saw it.

Joseph, 40, said she woke up and observed fire in her bedroom, as a consequence she immediately alerted Doreen and her grandchildren and they all exited the building.

Meanwhile, the New Amsterdam fire tenders encountered difficulties accessing water initially as a hydrant situated 80 meters away from the fire was tampered with, making it impossible for the fire fighters to access water from there.

Despite an early morning downpour the fire the fire continued and engulfed the entire building. This was before water was accessed from Republic Road Canal.

The blaze was finally under control at about 06:00h.

The building is owned by Rederson Jarvis, who occupies the lower flat and is currently overseas.