48 killed on Guyana’s roads from January-June 2021


The Guyana Police Force earlier today reported that there has been a decline in fatal accident for the year thus far when compared to the same period last year.

“Unto July 10 this year, traffic has seen a decrease of 32% in fatal accidents (48 this year with 71 for the same period last year) and a consequential 30% decrease in fatalities (52 this year with 74 last year).”

The police force further stated that pedestrians,17, and motor cyclists,12, have been the major categories of road users who have lost their lives of the roadways this year with inattentiveness (21 fatal accidents) and speeding (18 fatal accidents) being the main causes.

In addition, traffic enforcement so far this year throughout the country has resulted in 8,719 cases made out for speeding, 459 cases for driving under the influence and 10,188 for unlicensed driver.

Meanwhile, the Guyana Police Force’s Social Crime Prevention Programme is continuing in all the Regional Police Divisions with particular emphasis on youths and strengthening police community relationships. Its main focus is aimed at empowering youths to develop skills and moral values in order to become productive and meaningful contributors to society and building public trust.

“Notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing restrictions, in keeping with our thrust to build public trust and confidence, there has been significant involvement in community work and community outreach with emphasis on molding our youths,” the force added.