4 to be arraigned for painter’s murder

Dead: Hetram Ramchand

…as officer who refused him aid transferred 

Four men are expected to be charged for murder at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Friday following the death of a 39-year-old Industry, East Coast Demerara painter on Sunday last.

Dead: Hetram Ramchand

Hetram Ramchand, 39, of Lot 52 Crown Dam Industry, East Coast Demerara had attended a wake-house in his village on Friday last.

He was reportedly part of a crowd which had gathered to look at a few men- one of which was Ramchand’s cousin- gamble.

It is alleged that shortly after the game of cards had concluded, an argument ensued between the players as to the amount of money owed to them.

Ramchand’s cousin was reportedly arguing with the group and the matter quickly turned into a scuffle. However, the now dead man reportedly attempted to rescue his relative but it proved to be fatal for him as he was dealt several lashes to his head after being tossed to the ground by the gang of men.

The group of enraged men then continued to beat the painter for some time before they were eventually kicked out of the wake-house.

Based on reports received, the injured Hetram Ramchand was escorted by a nephew to the Sparendaam Police Station to lodge a complaint, but while doing so, the sons of two popular businessmen in the community turned up and claimed that they had been assaulted by Ramchand.

The two men were sent to the Georgetown Public Hospital to seek medical attention, but the trashed Ramchand was placed in the lockups.

Speaking with INews, Pooran Ramchand, father of the late Hetram Ramchand, explained that his son had been kept in the cell until Saturday evening, before he was taken to the hospital.

“Is after he catch a ‘fits’ because of the beating to the head (that) the police chain he and carry he to the hospital… Meh son dead while they had he chain to the bed,” the distraught man lamented.

The angry father recalled receiving a telephone call from the police at about 03:00h on Saturday, informing him that his son was involved in “lil story” and had been arrested.

“They never tell me that meh son was beaten and that he was at the wake when the fight bruk out… They never tell me that was meh nephew carry he to the police station”, he charged.

He noted that it was not until he arrived at the police station that he realized how badly his son had been beaten.

The man contended that although the family had requested for the painter to be sent for medical attention, the Police officer in charge had refused to so do.

As such, he blamed the Police for his son’s death, and called on acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine to look into the matter.

On Wednesday, Police “C” Division Commander, Calvin Brutus confirmed that the Police Corporal who ordered that Ramchand be placed in a cell with visible injuries to his head has been transferred.

He explained that the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) ordered an investigation into the reports after which recommendations were given by the Commissioner to have the on-duty Corporal reassigned out of her division.

Ramchand’s leaves to mourn his parents and two siblings. (Ramona Luthi)



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