65-year-old US missionary remanded for trafficking cocaine


Sixty-five-year-old Alan Murdoc was allegedly busted with 1.5 grams of cocaine by ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) when they swooped down on a “known yard” on Saturday September 30, 2017 at Pike Street Kitty.

This is according to Police Prosecutor Simone Payne, who made the allegations when the accused first appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Payne, when the police arrived on the scene the accused who was seated on a bench was searched and the cocaine was found in his possession, concealed in a crazy glue container.

He was cautioned, taken into lawful custody and charged with the offence.

Murdoc who has a hearing impairment could not at first instance hear the charge read by the Magistrate, and was asked to step forward to facilitate better communication.

Alan Murdoc

The accused, who was not represented by any legal counsel, nonetheless denied the allegation by saying that he is a Christian and does not engage in such activities, further claiming that he signed several documents under duress.

He however uttered to the court a similar version of facts as relayed by the prosecution, most of it being inaudible and ambiguous; leaving the court in a state of confusion.

As such, the Magistrate postponed the case for Thursday allowing Murdoc the opportunity to regain his composure.

When Murdoc returned before the court on Thursday afternoon, he entered into a clear not guilty plea after the Magistrate informed him of the mandatory three-year imprisonment attached to the felony, before re-reading the charge to him.

The shackled elderly man, in apparent pain, stumbled around the courtroom with what appeared to be a bible in his hands. He made an application for bail to be granted.

Bail was however, denied by Magistrate Azore who also informed Murdoc that he can have a lawyer apply to the High Court for same.

Murdoc returns to court on October 25, 2017.


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