4 cops under close arrest for slaughtering cow involved in accident


The Guyana Police Force is currently probing an incident that occurred during the wee hours of today in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) involving four police officers ranks and a Force-issued motor vehicle.

Between 00:30hrs and 01:30hrs along the Number 19 Public Road in Corentyne, the motor pickup in question, PAB 3148 was on an anti-crime patrol. The ranks in the vehicle at the time were a Corporal and three Constables.

Reports are that the cops proceeded to respond to a report of “alleged damage” involving a minibus owned by Aziz Goolmohamed and a cow.

When the patrol arrived, Goolmohamed said he had already spoken to a traffic rank who visited the scene and took the necessary information.

He said he was advised by the said traffic rank to cut off the skin of the cow where the ‘brand’ was, and to report to Central Police Station in New Amsterdam to give a statement, after which the traffic rank left.

However, when the patrol arrived at the scene shortly after, several persons also arrived at the scene and, together, they started to slaughter the cow.

Goolmohamed said he observed one of the police ranks with a cutlass cutting the cow while the other ranks were in the police vehicle. The rank’s action was captured on video by one of Goolmohamed’s relative.

Goolmohamed said he did not ask any question of the persons since the police were present.  He then proceeded to the Central Police Station with the piece of skin with the brand as instructed by the traffic rank.

On completion at the station, he returned to the scene where he observed that only the guts of the cow were on the parapet and no one was around.

Just around that time, Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus and other ranks were passing when they observed Goolmohamed on the road and as such, they stopped to find out what had transpired.

After learning of the accident and the ranks’ action, the Commander called for the ranks to report immediately to the location.

However, the patrol ranks reportedly got into an accident while returning to the scene, ironically colliding with a cow as well.

On arrival at that location, the ranks were found in possession of a piece of carcass with skin in the vehicle tray.

When questioned, the Corporal stated that he was taking the carcass to lodge as exhibit of the earlier accident. The ranks were all placed under close arrest at Central Police Station.

Investigations are continuing.