25,000 house lot applications being processed


house lots[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Ministry of Communities is working to clear a backlog of approximately 25,000 applications for land titles and transport.

 According to Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott, who has responsibility for Housing, persons can in a very short space of time, expect faster delivery of land transport and titles.

Minister Scott recently told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that the Housing department of the Ministry is working feverishly to ensure backlogs are sorted out.  “Our job is not to attack anyone or to play the blame game. We asked you to put us in power to address the wrongs, and we are prepared to do so,” Scott said

Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott
Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott

Scott noted that the issue also lies with Lands and Surveys. However, the agency has indicated that it is working on a better delivery system. 

According to Scott, there is also the case of persons having house lots and not being able to identify these so they can’t move forward to start construction. This will not be going on any longer, as the Ministry is working to ensure that when a person attains a land, within a matter of months, there must be progress. 



  1. Like jagdeo and his hoodlums did. Yet some hard core racist see no wrong in what the ppp did not only to the nation but to their lowly supporters.

  2. Scott sounds like person with dignity unlike some of the other politicians from the PNC and PPP. Please ensure the objective distribution of lots. Resist temptations to distribute to family and friends.


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