2016 Budget Debates: We will fight corruption at all levels in the mining sector – Minister Broomes


One of the main challenges in the mining sector is changing ‘old habits’ and bringing a ‘sense of order’ to the natural resources sector in Guyana. This is according to Junior Natural Resources Minister, Simona Broomes who during her speech at the 2016 budget debates stated that as such there needs to be a turn-around of the ‘tides of smuggling’ which is deemed a priority by her Government.

Junior Natural Resources Minister, Simona Broomes
Junior Natural Resources Minister, Simona Broomes during her presentation today in the National Assembly 

“As a nation, we appear unable to benefit directly for more than half of the gold (we produce)…we have to set face against corruption and corrupt practices, continue to train people so that the performance sector can be advanced, training alone cannot bring about the transformation we seek…we have to and will find new and workable ways to fend off corruption,” she declared.

Minister Broomes explained that at present there are many companies and operators in the mining sector whose only concern is in making and securing profits and this too must be rectified.

She promised that her Administration will embark on ensuring that all miners inclusive of small miners are treated fairly.

“Another change we intend to make in the sector is to ensure that all players are treated fairly, small miners for far too long have been working in a discriminatory environment. We are creating an enabling environment in which the sector can continue to grow and prosper,” the Minister said.

She pointed out that gold has a ‘shining future’ in Guyana and that her ministry will move to invest greatly in educating miners, with the priority of this education campaign being that of safety for all involved.

“We have to find a way to put an end to tragedies which cause an end and a blight of life in the mining sector…this Government is only months-old, but we have done a lot in the mining sector…the intention of this Administration is to ensure that the mining sector works for the development of Guyana on a whole,” she said.

According to Broomes, her ministry is also in the process of implementing a compliance division tasked with ensuring that all agencies under the Natural Resources Ministry are compliant with rules and regulations.




  1. Gary you said what I had been saying from day one PNC was installed to rule majority Guyanese during King Kabaka reign of terror on us..PNC supporters know their base and voting block too small to win elections so the US must install it to rule in order to do cheap business in Guyana..PNC supporters dont care if they wear rags sleep on the streets sport white yaaz mouths beri beri and fetch a swell belly from malnutrition as long as their Afro Kings rule..

  2. Minister Broomessage herself is a major part of the corruption in the mining industry by virtue of being in control of mining areas while being in charge of mining and natural resources. Saying you are not corrupt does not make you not corrupt. Learn about conflict of interest.

  3. What’s wrong Harry?
    Truth HURTS?
    The PNC THUG Regime is known for LOOTING Guyana Treasury.
    Ask Minister HOPE where he got the LOOT money to build a mansion in the US?
    Burnham was the 5h richest Black man on the planet while ordinary Guyanese were STARVING!
    Your PNC Thug Regime will LOOT again and leave Guyana bankrupt just like before.
    The sad part is that the PNC supporters don’t mind starving as long a PNC is in power..so unfortunate..so piss off Harry..and keep starving..

  4. Corruption needs to be tackled from all fronts. One of the greatest way to fight corruption is for it to be MANDATORY by Law for all High Level Government Employees including all members of the Cabinet and their families up to and including their third and fourth cousins, to declare their assets before and up to 25 years after demitted office and prove accountability of their assets if any suspicions arise, with the Government has the right to seize.

  5. This Minister BROOM need to dish out some other coconut tree to start cutting branch from because the current broom she is using is definitely NOT sweeping clean! Last week FORBES release a stat showing Guyana as the #1 most corrupted country to live in STILL suggest that this PNC regime has made ZERO progress to fight corruption! Who is she fooling? Herself? Wiki Leak label Granger as Racist, Crime and Suicide rate has double….economy fell 3.4% and Sugar workers are out of JOB….the dunce Clive Tomas is offering them farming LAND to make a living..HMMM how is Guyana supposed to move FWD with farmers? Is this a daily comic? ZERO ECONOMIC skills in our current dictators…sorry but I cannot call the PNC leaders because the lack of skills suggest otherwise…..


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