20 Nurses fail exams AGAIN; Ramsaran mulls barring poor performers



By Kurt Campbell

Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran.
Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Some 20 nurses who completely failed the previous Professional Nursing Programme examinations and were allowed to re-sit the assessment have failed again, according to Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran.

Speaking to iNews this morning, Minister Ramsaran said while there were significant positive increases from last year in four papers, the “entire group of 20 persons who totally failed last year exam have collectively failed again.”

He explained that out of the five papers; one nursing exam seems to be giving the trouble.

“In the other papers, we have from 61 percent passes to 88 percent passes while in that paper, we have 22 percent passes,” Dr. Ramsaran said; adding this number is an increase from last year.

He said a more detailed analysis also shows that there is difficulty on part of delivery of the curriculum which is new and endorsed by the Caribbean nursing body.nurses

The Minister said this persistent failing has raised questions on the formulation of a new policy.

“Do like private schools do? We know that private entities screen students and they cannot take the exam unless you are expected to pass,” he added.

The Minister further noted that “the nation should not be overtly alarmed because the Ministry is on top of it,” adding that “We are still analyzing to see if the entry qualification specifications are being breached because strict rules were put in place.”

He said while the renovations are being done to improve the conditions of the building which houses the nurses, the Ministry has engaged the University of Guyana and regional nursing body along with other centers of learning with the aim of improving curriculum and the delivery of nursing training.

Meanwhile, iNews was told that the paper in which the failing persist is the paper being taught by the Principal Tutor (ag) Cleopatra Barkyle. Accusations are that the woman has been tardy in teaching the paper.

Also, iNews was informed that the students are being taught the paper in fewer hours than the curriculum prescribes. Students allege that Barkyle has been deliberate in frustrating the students.

When contacted by iNews, Barkyle was very hostile and refused to offer any comment or respond to the accusations leveled against her.



  1. If they failed the 1st time, and you suspect this woman, Ms Barkyle is not true to the required teaching, why is she still allowed to teach? these are nurses, expected to deal with human suffering and caring; Maybe the W.H.O. and the UN need to look at your Health Care System

  2. Very well said “Regina” – those at the top ,if interested would have known and from the second exam. could have streamlined those Nurses towards passing. I have worked with Guyanese Nurses and they are special, caring people. It is selfish not to give extra time to those in need. Selfish indeed.

  3. Those that prepare the nurses for the exams should have know that the nurses were not ready for the final exam, it is a reflection of the education system and not the nurses. The clinical exams would reflect the readiness of theses nurses, which is the implementation of the theory that was taught to them. The system of nursing education in Guyana must be re-evaluated, since the current process will create a shortage of nurses for the future. The Minister of Health, Matron, and nursing education facilities needs to brain storm to either improve the system or bring in consultants to help create a better professional educational system.


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