$15B Aruwai White H2O resort officially opened


By Jomo Paul

The Aruwai White H2O Reso
The Aruwai White H2O Reso

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Aruwai White H2O Resort located on an island separating the Cuyuni and Mazaruni Rivers on was on Saturday, December 12 declared open.

The resort was hailed as a catalyst and game changer for Guyana’s tourism sector. It has been the topic of many discussions on social media in the past months and took an estimated $15B to complete over a period of three years.

Developer of the resort, Chunilall Baboolall stated that the idea for the resort stemmed from discussions with Former Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds. At that time, Hinds had urged that Baboolall, one of Guyana’s more successful miners, pump his money into another sector that would guarantee profits.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon and Developer of the resort, Chunilall Baboolall declare the resort open
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon and Developer of the resort, Chunilall Baboolall declare the resort open

He said that diversifying from mining to tourism did not come without its challenges but there was support along the way.

Meanwhile, Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, Indranauth Haralsingh said the investment shows confidence in Guyana’s economy and in particular the tourism industry.

resort 3“Aruwai is the true definition of what a luxury resort looks like…It will strengthen and diversify our tourism product,” he stated.

Tourism Minister, Cathy Hughes was also on hand for the opening ceremony and in vdirectly addressing the businessman, she commended him for such a magnanimous investment in Guyana.

“In these times you have to be really committed to your country to make such a huge investment; we thank you for adding quality to our tourism product,” said Hughes.

Minister Harmon (right) and former Prime Minister, Sam Hinds
Minister Harmon (right) and former Prime Minister, Sam Hinds

The Minister was adamant that with an aggressive tourism marketing plan from the Government and other facilities in place, the resort would be a success.

“I am 99.99% confident that we are going to be able to deliver to put the tourists you need to make your business a success,” said Hughes.

resort 1Additionally, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon did not hold back his glee over the resort stating that it comes at a time when Guyana has several new beginnings.

It is “second to none of its kind Guyana and can be compared to any of such in the Caribbean…This matches up anything I’ve seen anywhere else…this is now what we call setting the standards and others must catch up,” said Harmon.

He stated that this resort challenges the Government to make Guyana’s hinterland worthy of escape.



  1. Congratulation Mr Baboolall, it’s a beautiful resort I will visit one day, but to bust tourism in Guyana, Guyana needs it’s own aircraft no one wants to come to Guyana and stays in Trinidad 4 to 6 hours before they can reach to Guyana……….without Guyana’s own aircraft there will be no BUST IN TOURISM.

  2. The APNU morons will nationalize this soon ,they can’t build anything never own or run even a sugar cake stall but they want control.Mr Baboolall has to be careful because the thugs will destroy his place that’s all they know to do take a worldwide look and you will see what am talking about.

  3. Wonerful to look at, I wish a successful future to this resort.I do hope that the staff is trained properly, by an expert in hospitality training, and are well paid. Without a well trained staff and high standards, the resort becomes only eye candy.I have seen too many resorts in Guyana , that expect Guyanese, and tourist, to accept the poor standard of service that has become the norm, as the standards in our country deteriorated, over a generation of mediocrity.

  4. Wishing Mr. Baboolall well with his new Business venture. Guyana has potential within the Tourism & Hospitality sector however it must be promoted and packaged to the targeted audience to gain momentum. Over the years this has been lacking. What has the new minister for tourism accomplished from the time she took office to promote Guyana on the International scene and I am not referring to her visits to New York and Toronto for Victory celebrations and last lap lime. Can she inform us what projects her ministry is currently working on.


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